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Neofollics Grows 33% of Revenue From Haircare Bundles

Neofollics offers scientifically-backed haircare treatments to promote hair and beard growth, as well as anti-grey and scalp care products. 


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Neofollics was founded in 2015 by Maik van den Berg, who himself suffered from hair loss. After searching for a treatment, and failing to find one that was effective, Maik took matters into his own hands and developed a range of products, targeted to solve different hair and scalp issues. 

Neofollics’ products are backed by years of scientific research, and made from active, natural, vegan ingredients. Today, Neofollics products are sold in more than 30 countries, with further expansion on the horizon. Sold across various European retailers, including pharmacies and hair salons, Neofollics also recently launched a D2C store to further expand their reach.

“We sell treatment packages made up of multiple products, which all have different SKUs. We wanted to sell these as bundles but retain the original SKUs for our third-party fulfillment provider. For us, this was really difficult to create until we found PickyStory.”


Martijn Bos

Online Marketing Expert, Neofollics



When Neofollics first started selling D2C, they were using a fully-custom website. However, the development hours and cost associated with maintaining this site led their team to search for other solutions. 

After eventually settling on Shopify, Neofollics wanted to start selling bundles of related products, both to increase order value and also to make it easier for customers to buy everything they needed in one click. 

For Neofollics, who use a third-party fulfillment provider, it was essential that the individual SKUs of each product were retained when they were purchased in a bundle. Otherwise, the correct products could not be properly identified and shipped. 

Neofollics found PickyStory, and reached out to PickyStory’s support for advice on which type of deal they needed for their use case. With “combo products”, Neofollics could create bundles, sold as a single product but comprised of individual SKUs. 

Importantly, the original SKUs for each product were retained on the order and passed to Neofollics’ third-party fulfillment party, so they knew exactly which products to include in the order. 

The Neofollics team wanted to test different product groupings and combinations without creating new SKUs for each combination, and PickyStory made this possible by not creating a new SKU when a bundle was created. 





Neofollics has seen great uptake from their bundles, with around one third of their total store revenue coming from bundle sales. This makes sense – Neofollics’ products work best when used in combination, as each product has a specific and unique role to play in preventing hair loss or promoting hair growth. 

As well as increasing AOV, Martijn and the Neofollics team has also found that bundles are a great tool for simplifying the shopping experience for their customers. When customers reach out for advice regarding which products to use for their specific scenario, the Neofollics team can easily send them to a bundle with everything they need, rather than three different product pages. 

“As an e-commerce business, we wanted to increase our AOV, but at the same time we wanted to give our customers the best solution possible. With PickyStory, we can do both.”

Martijn Bos, Online Marketing Expert

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