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Miss to Mrs Generates 40x ROI on PickyStory

With the success of their bridal subscription boxes, Miss to Mrs opened a full online store.


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In 2017, Miss to Mrs was founded in Toronto, Canada. Initially, Miss to Mrs exclusively sold subscription boxes, packed full of everything a bride-to-be needs from the moment she says “yes”. Following two years of success and business growth, Miss to Mrs expanded and launched a full e-commerce store in 2021.

The Miss to Mrs store started by offering personalized jean jackets, then expanded their product line to include other personalized clothing, gifts for both brides and grooms, bachelorette party and wedding day essentials, and much more. Director of Technology Honson Lam discussed the growth of Miss to Mrs and how partnering with PickyStory has helped their business.

“PickyStory allows us to sell sets of products as one item, but takes inventory from the original products. That makes a big difference for us – we don’t have to manage inventory manually, and the orders have separate items so our fulfillment team knows exactly which products to ship.”


Honson Lam, Director of Technology

Miss to Mrs 



As you can imagine for a store selling bridal gifts, many of the products that Miss to Mrs offers are available in matching “his and hers” sets. It makes sense to offer these products as a set, available for purchase as one item. However, Honson and the team struggled to find an easy way to do this.

We needed a simple solution for selling product sets, so that our business team could quickly configure them without having to wait for support from our tech team. A lot of the bundle apps we tested made us create an additional product for the sets, but this meant we had to manage inventory manually and it also wasn’t intuitive for our fulfillment team.”

Honson’s research of Shopify apps led Miss and Mrs to PickyStory, and specifically the “combo product” feature. Honson found it easy to set up the product sets, and has also had positive experience with PickyStory’s customer support: 

“The 24/7 support coverage has been great – they are very responsive, have been able to answer all our questions, and walk us through any issues we run into.”

Following their success using combo products, Miss to Mrs is now exploring some of the other features PickyStory offers, in an effort to improve their cross-selling and increase average order value. 





Miss to Mrs has seen good uptake of their product sets, and is now generating around 5% of their total revenue from these sales. Having access to the PickyStory analytics dashboard makes it easy for Miss to Mrs to see the value of the platform and the ROI they are generating. 

Miss to Mrs plans to expand their product offerings in the coming year, and Honson believes this will lead to even more opportunities to leverage PickyStory when it comes to creating different product combinations and product page cross-sell deals.

“the PickyStory sets don’t break the on-page experience for the customer. They are still on our site, the products still look the same, and the experience is seamless. That’s exactly how we want our customers to see these products."

Honson Lam, Director of Technology

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