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Mila.Vert Lifted AOV by 33% with Shop the Look

Mila.Vert creates beautiful fashion-forward clothing, without the ethical and environmental issues usually associated with the industry









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Mila.Vert founder and fashion designer Tina Logar Bauchmüller has a passion for simple, classic styles that never go out of fashion. With a modern elegance, her pieces feature flattering cuts, beautiful colors, and fabrics that feel amazing against the skin. 

For Tina, creating high-end, beautiful fashion wasn’t enough – the products needed to be made ethically and sustainably, which has become a huge focus of Mila.Vert. All products are crafted in Slovenia, using only high-quality, organic materials, in collaboration with two family-owned sewing companies and a knitting studio. 

“We wanted to present as many products as possible to our customers, to increase AOV. We already had sets, but found with PickyStory’s “Shop the Look” that we could present these more attractively to our customers.”


Barbara Gibičar

Web designer @ Mila.Vert



For Mila.Vert, a big business goal was to increase their average order value (AOV). As Mila.Vert’s web designer Barbara Gibičar explained, many of their customers really appreciated their products and would happily purchase more items, so it was just a matter of getting the right products in front of the right customers. 

Barbara and the Mila.Vert team knew that selling products in sets or outfits would be a good strategy for their brand to increase AOV. However, they needed to find a third-party software that would allow them to integrate sets or outfits into their store. Initially, many of the third-party Shopify apps that Barbara tried were not suitable – either there were technical issues or the appearance of the deals was unsatisfactory. 

Barbara found that PickyStory offered a convenient way to promote outfits and product sets for Mila.Vert. Using PickyStory’s “Shop the Look” feature, Barbara could easily set up different product combinations, and display these in a shoppable gallery with a beautiful lifestyle image associated with each “Look”. This allowed Mila.Vert to showcase as many products as possible to each customer, promoting a larger sale. 

Also, the Shop the Look gallery provides an interactive experience for customers and can be targeted as a landing page from Facebook ads. As well as a dedicated gallery page, Barbara was able to display individual Looks on product pages, so that customers browsing a single product could see (and purchase) the related items and get inspiration for how to wear and style each product.





Barbara and the team at Mila.Vert set out to increase their AOV by selling sets, and have achieved this with PickyStory. Their “Shop the Look” deals have increased order value by over 30%, and have also helped customers to find new products that match their tastes. Barbara has also seen conversions directly from ads that send customers to their Shop the Look landing page. 

Mila.Vert has also found the ongoing support from PickyStory to be very helpful. As Barbara explained, “The PickyStory customer service has also stood out to us. It’s very fast, responsive, and helpful – any small issue that comes up has been solved almost immediately.” 

“PickyStory, and especially Shop the Look, feels perfect for a fashion brand. The customer sees the entire outfit, and has the chance to purchase all of the products at once.”

Barbara Gibičar, Web designer @ Mila.Vert

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