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Mia Tui Improves Customer Experience with Smarter Bundles

Mia Tui’s beautiful bags are ideal for all occasions, offering the perfect combination of style and practicality






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We’ve all said or heard “I can never find anything in this bag!” before, yes? In 2010, Charlotte Jamme decided to finally do something about it, and founded Mia Tui. As a mother, traveler, worker, and gym-goer, Charlotte had a bag for every occasion. The problem was, none of them were designed very practically. 

Mia Tui bags, on the other hand, are created with immaculate thought and consideration. With pockets and compartments for keys, phones, passports, and water bottles, plus practical accessory bags for traveling, Charlotte has thought of everything. Inside, the bags are brightly lined to make it easy to actually see what’s in there. Genius. 

We spoke to Charlotte about her journey with Mia Tui, why bundles play an important role in her business, and how PickyStory has helped Mia Tui’s growth and success.

“We were selling bundles before PickyStory, and they sold well, but for the customer it was very complicated. I had to record videos explaining how to buy a bundle on our store, and we dealt with daily customer questions and issues. With PickyStory, it’s been a much simpler process.”


Charlotte Jamme

Founder, Mia Tui



For Mia Tui, selling bundles had always made sense from a business standpoint. It’s a more cost-effective discounting strategy than offering a pure monetary discount, and is also an effective tactic for boosting sales of older or slower-selling products. Plus, customers buy further into the brand and are able to try more products, adding to the value they can find in Mia Tui. 

Although bundling made sense for Mia Tui, the initial system used for selling bundles did not. The experience was not user-friendly for customers, with Charlotte creating videos to explain the process, and frequently dealing with customer questions. Given that Mia Tui already knew the value of selling bundles, their main challenge was to improve this process for their customers.

Charlotte and the Mia Tui team found PickyStory and were impressed by the platform’s capabilities and the level of customer support offered. After some calls and guidance from PickyStory’s experts, Mia Tui was able to set up variations of buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals, and was generating revenue through PickyStory within two days! 

With PickyStory, Mia Tui has been able to offer a separate category of bundles on their website, where customers can find the deal and the styles they are most interested in. They have also introduced a successful cart-page deal, to capture customers that are closer to making a purchase. 





Given that Mia Tui already knew that bundles were a successful sales strategy for their business, it’s not surprising that they have seen good results in terms of bundle sales with PickyStory. Perhaps more importantly is what’s not captured in the numbers – the improved customer experience and the lack of questions from confused or frustrated buyers. 

Mia Tui’s product offerings in recent years have expanded, in part due to the lifestyle changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now with clothing, footwear, homewares, and lots of accessories on offer, the scope for bundles has expanded, and Charlotte is looking forward to exploring more of PickyStory’s features as her catalog grows. 

“PickyStory has been a great, cost-effective solution and so easy to plug in. I would recommend it for anyone looking to increase revenue, offer discounts, and upsell different products.”


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