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Malo’o generates 250% higher AOV from product bundles

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Malo’o founder and outdoor enthusiast Phil Kelly frequently enjoyed an early morning surf before heading to the office. One day, he left his soaked wetsuit in the back of his SUV, only to remember it when he returned to his car at the end of the day. The stench was horrific, but at least the idea for his new product was born. 

In 2016, Phil designed a prototype of his now-patented Malo’o DryRack, a portable, lightweight, and durable solution that lets you dry your gear on the go. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Phil’s horizons broadened beyond the DryRack. Today, Malo’o (which is Hawaiian for “dry”) offers a wide range of racks, plus their versatile Lounge Wagon, and endless accessories. 

“Acquisition costs are high, so we’re trying to make the most of each customer. The bundles we have set up with PickyStory help us sell more products and result in a significantly higher AOV”

Phil Kelly, Malo’o Founder



High customer acquisition costs meant that Phil was actively looking for solutions to increase average order value (AOV) and generate more revenue from each customer that visited his site. Phil wanted to offer several products grouped and sold as a single product, but struggled to find software that could help achieve this while also retaining the original SKUs as separate line items on each order. 

“We tried some other bundle apps but they either didn’t work for us or seemed to conflict with our slide cart. We needed something that was in between a simple bundle app and a product configurator, with inventory management as well.”

– Phil Kelly, Malo’o founder

Phil found PickyStory’s combo products, which allowed Malo’o to offer product bundles as single products. Now, customers can purchase bundles of 5-15 products consisting of a DryRack or a Lounge Wagon with several accessories, all from one product page. 

Originally, Phil set these up for Black Friday and the holiday season, but has since moved these deals to the Malo’o homepage year-round. Additionally, combo products are used in email campaigns (an effective marketing strategy for Malo’o), just as their regular products would be. 





Compared to their regular orders, Malo’o has seen a 250% increase in AOV when customers purchase product bundles, despite bundles being offered with a 15% discount. Phil has recently expanded Malo’o’s bundle offerings to include bundles suited for specific lifestyles – fishing, surfing, van life, parents at ball games, and so on. 

Offering pre-configured, lifestyle-specific bundles offers an easy, quick-buy solution for customers who aren’t looking to configure their own products. Malo’o displays these deals in a dedicated bundle collection, as well as on the homepage, boosting visibility and making it easy for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. 

“customers don’t necessarily know what they want, but the PickyStory bundles make it easy for customers to see all the options and find what they need right away.”

Phil Kelly, Malo’o Founder

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