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Lush Décor increased AOV by 54% with PickyStory

Lush Décor marketing manager Kim Foerst discusses how her team has found success with PickyStory


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Since 2008, Lush Décor has been inspiring customers with unique home decor for every room, every lifestyle and every life stage. Originally selling on Amazon and other e-commerce partner sites, they launched their DTC business in 2016 on Shopify. Though a majority of their sales today still come via Amazon, Target and Wayfair, they use the lushdecor.com platform to curate style themes and help customers complete the look of a room as well as to promote brand loyalty and improve customer retention.

Digital marketing manager Kim Foerst joined the small Lush Décor team in 2016 and manages website operations, responsible for everything from inventory management to handling customer service requests. Somehow, she found time to discuss her experience with PickyStory and share some insights as a long-term user of the platform.

“Before PickyStory, I would have to go in and manually create bundles as new items in Shopify that didn’t exist as bundled products in our inventory system. Because of this, they couldn’t be managed properly by the system. We are a small team and it took so much time to make sure that the inventory was correctly updated that it limited the number of bundles we could actually physically offer.”


Kim Foerst
Digital marketing manager



Like many sellers of home decor and bedding, Lush Décor’s products naturally group themselves into sets – comforters, quilts, pillow shams, and so on. While it may sound simple, selling sets of products as sets on Shopify is a time-consuming headache without the right tools. 

As a work around, Kim would create “fake” products in Shopify that represented their sets. However, when one of these products was purchased, it wasn’t linked in any way to the individual products themselves, leading to big inventory issues. Trying to manually manage inventory quickly became a full-time job, and limited the number of sets that Lush Décor could offer.

Kim and the team needed a solution that would let them sell their curated bedding bundles as standalone products, but correctly track inventory for the products within each bundle. PickyStory was recommended to Kim by an agency they were working with, who also helped with the initial setup of the app. 

As well as curated bundles, Kim has also used PickyStory to create inspiring, shoppable looks that are displayed to customers on specific product pages. “Our theme had a native Shop the Look feature, but it limited us to 20 looks, which wasn’t enough for us. We’ve built out around 150 looks with PickyStory” 

Kim Foerst, Digital marketing manager





In PickyStory, Kim and the Lush Décor team has found a software solution that is almost as functional and elegant as their product offerings. They are seeing a dramatic increase in average order value (AOV) from customers purchasing curated bundles rather than simply one or two matching products. 

Kim finds it easy to create new bundles and assign discounts, and has even found a few surprise features in PickyStory that the team has been using. “It’s nice to have lots of different deal options and displays. We weren’t even looking for a bundle builder but we’ve been using that as well”. 


"We’re really happy with PickyStory and are seeing real results. We have ambitious goals for 2022 and we see PickyStory as a great tool for increasing AOV."


Kim Foerst, Digital marketing manager

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