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Epic Gardening Grows AOV by 75% with Bundles

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As a self-taught gardener, Kevin Espiritu has spent over a decade producing educational gardening content across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, the Epic Gardening podcast, and the Epic Gardening website. What started out as a hobby has blossomed into a spectacular resource for aspiring gardeners, and the world’s most-followed gardening brand. Epic Gardening now aims to teach 100,000,000 people how to grow their own food and keep their houseplants alive.

Over the years, Kevin and co. have tested hundreds of gardening products – raised garden beds, seeds, tools, fertilizers, and so much more. It made sense to launch an online store where their avid followers could find and purchase their favorite tools and products, extensively tested and endorsed by the experts. The Epic Gardening store was launched online in 2019, and has helped thousands of individuals find the products they need to unleash their inner green thumb. 

“We wanted to start selling bundles to simplify things for our customers. If you’re a new gardener and you have no idea where to begin, a bundle is a great option. With our PickyStory bundles, customers can easily find the set of products they need to get started.”


Mollie Maloney

Category Manager, Epic Gardening



Given that many of Epic Gardening’s customers were new to gardening in general, they often didn’t know which products they needed to get started. The large product catalog could be overwhelming, and customers would frequently reach out for advice and assistance when it came to picking the right products. 

Epic Gardening needed a way to simplify things for new customers, and offering bundles seemed like a natural solution. However, Shopify doesn’t have a built-in solution for bundling products together, and many workarounds can cause issues with order fulfillment and inventory management. 

Epic Gardening’s Shopify account manager recommended PickyStory, and the Epic team started utilizing the software to create their bundles. Category Manager Mollie Maloney worked with a PickyStory customer success manager to set up various bundles of 3-5 products that (on the front end) looked like regular products in their store. 

For Epic Gardening, it was important to find a solution that showed the individual products in each bundle on their back end, so that their warehouse understood which items needed to be shipped out, and also so that inventory was correctly managed for the individual components within a bundle.





After implementing their bundles, Mollie and the Epic Gardening team saw great uptake from their customers. As well as a significant increase in AOV, almost 20% of their orders now include bundles, which shows that their customers appreciate the convenience of purchasing pre-made bundles with all the products they need. Given that the bundles are sold as single, regular products, they can also be included in Epic Gardening’s marketing emails and paid ads. 

Epic Gardening is also using PickyStory’s AI-based product recommendations to upsell related products on their existing product pages, which has further increased their AOV. While Epic Gardening’s immediate need was for bundles, Mollie and the team are looking to further scale and explore other PickyStory features, like giving their customers the option to build their own kits. 

“Our team has seen incredible results with PickyStory so far, and it’s obviously resonating really well with our customers and making it so much easier for them to make a purchase.”

Mollie Maloney, Category Manager

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