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Classical Academic Press generates 22% of store orders via product deals

Classical Academic Press is a classical education, curriculum, media, and consulting company


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of all orders via product deals


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Classical Academic Press (CAP) brings a touch of flair and creativity to the way classical subjects (including Latin, Grammar, Writing & Rhetoric, and more) are taught. Dr Christopher Perrin, co-founder of CAP, is passionate about classical education and bringing these lessons to homeschooling, charter, public, private, and Christian schools across North America and beyond.

Charles Loder joined the CAP team in January 2021 as a front-end web developer, at a time of rapid growth for CAP due to an increase in homeschooling following the Covid-19 pandemic. He spoke to PickyStory about the benefits that CAP sees from product bundles, and how PickyStory helps their brand offer a simplified customer journey, particularly for new customers. 

‚ÄúPickyStory lets us give our customers the experience that they are just buying one product, to make it easier. This is very important for the homeschool market – we are getting a lot of customers who are new to homeschooling and they really appreciate being able to find and buy everything they need at once.‚ÄĚ

Charles Loder, Front-end developer

Classical Academic Press



Many CAP customers are new to the concept of homeschooling, having turned to this only following the Covid-19 pandemic. For new customers, the CAP e-commerce store could easily be overwhelming, with so many different products, courses, and programs available for purchase. 

To ensure that new customers could easily find what they needed, the CAP team wished to create a highly user-friendly shopping experience. They wanted to sell groups of products (student workbooks, guides for teachers, and extra relevant resources) as a single item that was easily discoverable and could be purchased in one click.

Charles and the CAP team installed and tested several software solutions but ultimately chose PickyStory due to the unique combo product functionality. Charles was able to set up a number of product deals and add a unique discount to each one, which was then managed automatically behind the scenes by PickyStory’s discount engine. 

As a publisher, CAP also has to consider royalty taxes. Previously, discounts were applied to store orders as a separate line item. Their accounting team then needed to apply the discount across products in the order to appropriately calculate royalties. PickyStory’s discount system automatically assigns the discount to each relevant product, simplifying this process significantly. 





CAP’s combo products have been a success with new customers, with over 20% of CAP’s total store orders coming via the product deals offered throughout their store. Because their homeschooling kits are being sold as a single product, they can also market these across other platforms, such as Facebook ads. 

Using combo products, Charles has been able to create more than 60 unique product deals, each displayed on a dedicated product page. Some deals contain 20+ products, but the combo product page layout easily lets customers see the individual products included in each kit.

‚ÄúPickyStory has simplified the front-end experience for our customers, and has made our back-end processes much easier. It's saving our team significant time.‚ÄĚ

Charles Loder, front-end developer, Classical Academic Press

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