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Zenbivy is revolutionizing outdoor sleeping by ditching the bag and embracing the bed. Founder Michael Glavin has understood for years the need to offer an alternative to the regular “mummy” sleeping bag that we have all spent uncomfortable nights in. 

Mummy bags are restrictive and don’t allow you to sleep in your natural position (unless you sleep like a mummy). Zenbivy beds, on the other hand, let you sleep comfortably, in just about any position. 

Selling exclusively on Shopify, Michael and the Zenbivy team are dealing with the challenges of introducing customers to a brand new solution. While almost all outdoor enthusiasts are familiar with a regular sleeping bag, the Zenbivy sleep systems are new to a majority of these prospective buyers. 

Customers don’t immediately understand how the different components (sheet, quilt, mattress, and pillow) all piece together. As Michael explains, Zenbivy needed a solution for their website that allowed them to sell complete bed systems to their customers, without the customer having to navigate through several product pages, back and forth, to select the individual components.

Zenbivy uses PickyStory deals throughout their store

When Zenbivy first found PickyStory, their priority first and foremost was to find a tool that could help customers understand their products. As Michael explains, “It really helps customers to understand our products, and once they understand, they buy. The major benefit for us has been the ability to bundle our products into systems that the customer can easily identify with and see value in.”

The lesson here is simple – prioritize the customer journey. Put yourself in the shoes of your shoppers, a new buyer who isn’t familiar with your products. Create your deals in a meaningful, intuitive way that helps customers understand the value of your products, and how they work together. 

shopify combo products
Source: zenbivy.com

If you create intuitive bundles and deals, the revenue will flow naturally. For Zenbivy, that has certainly been the case. A staggering 42% of their revenue now comes from bundle sales. Plus, sales through PickyStory vs regular sales have a significantly higher average order value (AOV). 

How to create product deals your customers will flock to

Let’s take a look at how Zenbivy has used product deals so successfully across their store. They have implemented two different PickyStory deals, at key components of the buyer’s journey. 

Firstly, they have used the “Shop the Look” functionality to display complete bed bundles on their existing product pages. This means that if a customer is viewing the product page of a bed, they can scroll down the page to see the complete bed bundle – all the products they need are clearly laid out and can be added to the cart from one page: 

shopify product bundles
Source: zenbivy.com

What’s more, using “Shop the Look” to achieve this also gives the Zenbivy team the option to upload an image that’s associated with each “Look”. The image shows all products together, set up as a complete bed system. This image is crucial to conversions – it shows the customer the value of the products combined, it helps the concept “click” for the buyer.

Zenbivy also utilizes PickyStory’s “Combo Product” deal. From their site’s main navigation menu, a shopper can navigate to “Complete bed bundles”. This page contains a beautifully laid-out collection of bed bundles, and makes it extremely easy for customers to find what they need. Best all-round bundle? Here you go. Best bundle for lightweight backpacking? Click here. Looking for a car camping solution? Choose this one. 

Source: zenbivy.com

Once a customer selects their preferred bundle, they are taken to a Combo Product page, where all the components are added to the cart with one click. Customers have the option of choosing product variants (in this case, sizes and colors), and can happily make a purchase without having to second guess whether the products chosen are compatible. Too easy. 

shopify combo products
Source: zenbivy.com

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

How to set up Shop the Look on product pages

Let’s take a look at how to set up a Shop the Look deal on your product pages. There are three display options for looks – you can opt to display your look as a gallery, as a button, or as a look widget. Once you create a look in PickyStory, you can display it as any (or all three) of those. Here’s how to set up a new look: 

1. Navigate to “Deals” and click on “Create deal group” 

2. Select “Shop the Look” 

3. Name your deal group (for your reference), add an optional description, and click on “Add Look” to create a Look

4. Click on “Create Look” to set up a new Look

5. Name your look (NOTE: Look names can be displayed/hidden using “show look label”) and add an image to represent the Look. This image appears to the left of the products when displayed on the page – it’s best to use an image that shows all the product together, so the customer understands what they are getting as well as the value of the bundle. 

6. Add products to your Look

7. In the “Pages” section, define which pages your Looks will be displayed on. In this case, we want to display our looks on product pages, so would select “product page only”. 

8. In the “Widgets” section, choose to display your Look as an inline section on the page

9. Click on “Set position on page”. You will be redirected to one of your product pages, where you can click on the purple box on the left of the page to drag and drop the deal onto the desired section of your product page. 

And that’s it! Your look is live on the product page for each product included in the look. 

How to set up a Combo Product

The other PickyStory deal used by the Zenbivy team is the “Combo Product”, which allows you to display a complete bundle as a single product. It can be added to collections just like regular Shopify products, and is always displayed on its own unique product page. Here’s how to set it up. 

1. Navigate to Deals and click on “Create Deal Group”

2. Select “Combo Products” 

3. Name your Combo Group – this name will apply to all the Combo Products you create that are part of this group, not one specific Combo Product. Click on the “Add Combo” button to add a Combo

4. Click on the “Create Combo” button

5. Give your Combo a name, add a description (optional) and set discount parameters (optional)

6. In the Max. combo quantity box, add the maximum number of Combos allowed per customer, per order. Next, click on “Add product” to start adding products to your Combo

7. Search for products, then click on “Add to Combo” to add each product. 

8. Click on “Edit on Shopify” to see the listing for your Combo Product. In Shopify, add a description and images to the Combo.

9. Click on “View in Shop” to see your Combo in action

It’s as simple as that. These deals not only deliver great upselling and cross-selling potential, they also help your customers to understand how to use your products. Just as you would walk through a physical store with a customer and help them choose products, PickyStory’s deal templates let you give that experience to an online shopper, so that they better understand your offerings. 

After all, Zenbivy founder Michael Glavin says it best – “Once they understand, they buy.”

If you’re looking for more Shopify tips and recommendations, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

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