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How to Create a Unique Brand Voice and Tone for Your Shopify Store

  • Several fashion small business owners do not worry about branding, their voice, and tone. They forget the fact that branding builds businesses that endure. The leading fashion companies understand this perspective. They know that the brand’s voice and tone:

    •  Build 65% of the connection

    •  Ensure 64% of trust

    •  Increase 23% of the company’s revenue

    •  Help in brand recognition by 80% 


    That said, now your fashionista customers want you to be everywhere. Your brand must shine leaving a lasting impression on your audience. To make you understand this phenomenon even better, we’re here to help you make a leading fashion brand. 

Top 3 Fashion Brands Totally Killing With Their Unique Brand Voice


When it comes to fashion apparel sites, brand voice and tone is crucial. Among thousands of brilliant and creative fashion brands, here are a few who have truly mastered the art of voice and tone. 

1. Rent the Runway


One of the leading subscription fashion store letting women rent unlimited designer styles for each types of occasion. If you see the copy, it is quite aspirational. “Everything to wear, Everywhere” does speak to someone who has no choices left in their wardrobe. They have plans starting from $69 making it more accessible, eco-friendly and exciting for women to rent. While they have explained all their offerings, their brand’s focus is to highlight the benefits. The layout succinctly clarifies the difference between the dresses. 

Source: renttherunway.com

2. & Other Stories


This is a Swedish fashion apparel brand for women offering shoes, clothes including accessories. The overall personality of the site ingenious, creative and unique. The exclusively high-end product descriptions and phrases on the sliders tell a story in itself. Not only they make killer products, but they also have a killer copy to lasting an impression on the audience.

Source: stories.com

3. All Year Round - AYR



As the name implies, it creates high-quality apparel for everyday life. Undeniably one of the coolest brands, All Year Round has the funniest ad chatty brand personality, taking the fashion world by storm. The colloquial and cool web layout and content set them apart from all others. Even their corporate “Meet the Team” section gives a very casual touch, making the audience believe they work as a family. Their way of using slang engages the audience like their close friends. For a subscriber-based site, the slang language is better.   

Source: ayr.com

Tips on Branding and Brand Language

Here are a few branding and brand language tips that can up your marketing game among your audience. 


  • Understand your target audience well in order to decide the style to adopt. 

  • Ensure to make a well-defined vision, mission statements and core values.

  • Define your qualities and benefits.

  • Make sure about the language consistency across the range of media channels and communications for credibility. 

  • Brand personality can be developed better with a successful implementation of language consistency. Practice on it!

  • Consider the language in terms of vocabulary and tone. 

  • Your logo, web layout, social media posts, color, and theme should have a consistent brand personality and approach. 

  • Monitor your brand strategy and make it better when needed.

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