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What’s Trending? A Look at the Top-Selling Products on Shopify This Year

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When it comes to selling online, most businesses are driven by passion, the chance to turn a hobby into a lucrative money-maker, and selling what they know. While selling products that you believe in is the most important thing, have you ever been curious to know what the top selling products on Shopify are? 

In this article, we will take a look at Shopify’s top selling products, as well as industry trends and forecasts. Regardless of what you’re selling, it’s good to know where your products and industry stand in terms of demand, as this information can greatly affect your strategies when it comes to product marketing, brand positioning, and out-muscling your competitors. 

Plus, it’s always fun to take a look at what the most popular products being sold on one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms are.

Industry Trends for 2023

Numbers don’t lie. By 2023, e-commerce sales are expected to generate $5.42 trillion in sales. The rapid growth of e-commerce has helped companies with direct-to-consumer business models to offer a great online experience.

But even multi-channel companies need to keep abreast of industry trends. This will help to ensure they keep up with customer demands and don’t get trumped by the competition. Let’s discuss some industry trends of 2023 and how these may affect your e-commerce operations. 

#1 Voice search

Voice search is having a massive impact on how search engines list results, which in turn affects your product discovery. Google itself reports that 27% of the online global population is now using voice search on mobile. 

Voice searches tend to include more words, and give a better insight to the searcher’s intent, whether it be to buy, learn more, answer a question, and so on. Leveraging this new information in your product SEO strategy could help to make your products more discoverable on search engines.

#2 Chatbots

Chatbots have changed how people shop online drastically. Today, people want to search and buy a product with just a few clicks. While many consumers love this independence, they also want to know that help is there if they need it. 

With Chatbots, merchants can interact with consumers on your Shopify website just like a physical store sales rep does. It helps create more leads for your store by keeping your customers engaged, and can also give you valuable opportunities to upsell to your customers.

#3 Payment methods

Shoppers want to see their preferred payment method while checking out. Online stores with many payment methods lessen abandoned carts and motivate consumers to spend more. Consider incorporating multiple payment options if you want to provide a streamlined experience.

#4 Video marketing

Video is still king in the e-commerce world! Use video across your store and social media channels to maximize your exposure. Interact with your customers and find out if they can give user-generated content. This content can be product reviews or video testimonials to gain organic exposure.

Traditionally, what are the Top Selling Products on Shopify?

The most successful online stores sell products that solve a consumer’s pain point. If your product can help fix a problem, you’ll undoubtedly have huge sales numbers

Think about it. It can be anything that provides a solution where the customer stumbles. Traditionally, here are some best selling products on Shopify:

Other notable mentions include e-cigarettes, motor vehicle parts, projectors, tablet computers, and digital artwork.

What are the Top Selling Products on Shopify for 2023?

The Covid-19 pandemic certainly brought some surprises when it came to the types of products that were in high demand during various lockdown periods across the world. Let’s take a look at some of the products expected to sell big in 2023.

#1 Travel bags

Even though COVID slowed travel, many people are still packing into a flying metal tube. Packing for a trip is demanding. Hence, this is a niche ripe for business innovation. The problem is people buy more things every day. 

So having a place to organize those things stress-free is important. Companies have come up with various solutions for these problems – travel bags. 

Travel bags are definitely top selling online products. U.S. retail sales of travel bags equate to about 6.1 billion USD. Hence, a bag that offers easy access to your cell phone, passport, laptop, baby wipes, or keys will sell quickly.

#2 Male grooming products

Men aren’t traditionally the biggest buyers of beauty products, but this has changed drastically in recent times. Primping beards with clippers, balms, oils, beard combs, and waxes are trending.

With changeable beliefs of what beauty products men can use, it’s expected that the market for grooming products will increase.

So for merchants looking to make more sales, this is the time to exploit this space. And you never know, you might be the next Jack Black!

top selling products on shopify
https://www.getjackblack.com is a leader in men's skincare products

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

#3 Yoga mats

The increasing practice of yoga has increased the need for yoga mats. In the last few years, Google Trends have revealed an increase in the demand for yoga mats. And it is expected that this industry will hit more than $17 billion by 2025. 

Merchants selling yoga mats will get steady order rates due to the huge demand. It costs about $15 on average for a standard yoga mat, making its place on the top selling products on Shopify.

top selling products on shopify
https://www.manduka.com sells top-quality yoga mats and apparel

#4 Reusable water bottles

Google Trends revealed that over 50,000 water bottle searches are made each month. This trend likely grew through the Covid-19 pandemic, as people placed a higher degree of importance on personal hygiene and not sharing drinks/glassware. 

Additionally, the negative environmental impact of disposable plastic bottles is becoming increasingly well-known, driving shoppers to hunt for a reusable, sustainable alternative. 

#5 Office chairs

Although many companies have re-opened their offices following the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home is still a major trend so far.

Data from keyword searches revealed that the search volume for office chairs is about 1,200,000 each month.

As it is, office chairs seem like an essential tool for working remotely. This product isn’t as susceptible to seasonal instability. Hence, if you want a popular product trend, this market could be a hit.

#6 Vegan products

https://dipalready.com makes amazing shampoo bars that just happen to be vegan

How PickyStory can Help

Even if you’re not selling any of the products listed above, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve amazing business goals and revenue growth on Shopify. With the right tools, any great product can be sold successfully.

PickyStory is a tool designed specifically to help lift your sales to new levels. By creating product bundles and deals with PickyStory, you can encourage your customers to add additional products to their cart before they check out.  No matter what product you have in stock, PickyStory can help you sell more of it.

PickyStory provides exciting bundle deals to meet shoppers across every step of their buying journey. The end goal is to help every merchant make more revenue from every store visit. 

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Time to Join the Trend

Although we have listed some of Shopify’s top sellers above, it’s important not to start selling products simply because they sell well. 

Sell products you are passionate about, believe in, and use the right tools to help make these products bestsellers of your own. 

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.


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Get the Step-by-step Ultimate Guide for Bundles [2023]


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