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10 Effective Ways to Increase Sales in the Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching and consumers expected to spend billions of dollars, a marketing strategy to boost holiday sales can bring fruitful results. So what can your business do for attracting these spending consumers and stay on top of sales this holiday season?     Here are ten ways […]

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How to Leverage Shopify Discounts With Shop the Look

Promotions/reduced prices or commonly known as discounting is one of the most prevalent and unarguably an effective technique to drive sales. POS, research site, a study by Software Advice, divulged, “Discounting is a considerate pricing strategy for retailers across all sectors, as marked by 97% of survey respondents.” Even in […]

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5 Innovative Technics to Upsell With Related Products

Upselling isn’t always easy but if you know your customers enough, you can always come up with a strategy. You can map out a great technique that won’t only increase your revenue but will help your customers find what they’re looking for. A relatively easy and quick way to generate […]

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