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Shopify Sales Funnel: How to build a sales funnel [Practical Guide]

shopify sales funnel

Shopify sales funnel: The importance of a sales funnel cannot be overstated. This immensely powerful tool helps you evaluate and scrutinize every aspect of your customer acquisition process. By being savvy and implementing tactics to improve each step of the funnel, you can dramatically improve your business. Read on to […]

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Shopify Combo Products: The Ultimate Step By Step Guide To Combo Products [+ Examples]

shopify combo products

Shopify combo products: We all know that increasing AOV is an important part of having a successful Shopify store, but figuring out how to do that isn’t always easy. One of the best ways to boost revenue in your store is by utilizing upselling and cross-selling techniques such as product bundles and kits. Another useful cross-selling […]

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Best Shopify Stores for Beauty: 9 Inspiring Beauty and Cosmetics Stores (+ Examples)

best shopify stores for beauty

Best Shopify stores for beauty: With several beauty giants like Sephora making the jump to e-commerce in recent years, more and more beauty merchants are following suit. Even if your beauty store is small, you can still greatly boost your revenue by starting an e-commerce store. Plus, creating an e-commerce store […]

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Shopify Cross-sell: Definition, Best Practices and Best Examples [Guide]

Shopify cross-sell: Cross-selling, upselling, conversion rates… it’s easy to get lost in the forest of e-commerce lingo, but it’s also important to understand these concepts to make sure your Shopify store is as successful as possible. Cross-selling is a really important feature that can add a lot of value to your store […]

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Best Shopify Stores for Home Decor: 9 Inspiring Home Decor Stores (+ Examples)

best shopify stores for home decor

Best Shopify stores for home decor: According to Statista, revenue associated with e-commerce furniture and home decor stores is projected to increase 150% between 2017 and 2025. While that’s great news for someone with a Shopify home decor website, it also likely means you’ll be facing a lot of competition from […]

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Best Shopify stores for clothing: 9 inspiring fashion stores (+ examples)

best shopify stores for clothing

Best Shopify stores for clothing: With more and more clothing stores moving to e-commerce, fashion has become the largest e-commerce market and shows no signs of slowing down. Estimated at $525 billion in 2019, the e-commerce fashion market is expected to grow an additional 11% per year and reach a total […]

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