Shopify Upsell Apps: Reviews, Recommendations and Examples (9 Best Apps)

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, you are likely a Shopify retailer looking for the best Shopify upsell apps to optimize their store. But what exactly is upselling? And why is it so important for you?

Upselling is the powerful tool of offering your customers an opportunity to upgrade their buy, by adding related items, complementary items, higher-tier products and in general, enlarging their purchase. It’s not coincidental that you’ve heard this term everywhere – upselling is used by some of the leading stores in the business. Just check out Judith & Charles or Kerrits.

Many customers don’t realize that adding these items can be a really great deal for them, because they often feel like the retailer just wants to get more of their money. This is why it’s so important to create valuable upselling offerings where it’s a win-win situation for both sides.

Shopify upsell apps are the key to helping you do just that. These apps offer the best tools to provide your customers with options to maximize their buy. Meanwhile, you increase your average order value, boost up your store revenue, gain loyal customers – all while spending less money on acquiring new ones. 

The best part is – we’ve done all the research for you and collected the top Shopify apps for upselling.

Here are our best Shopify product bundles apps:

#1: PickyStory (best Shopify upsell app)

Opening our best Shopify upsell apps list is PickyStory, which has mastered one of the leading ways to upsell – bundles.

Bundling is the art of offering your customers a number of complementary products in one valuable package – a bundle. Bundles expose your customers to more of your products that they can enjoy, while offering them a better deal. This incentivizes your shoppers to pick multiple items at once, and increases the chance that they’ll want to pop some more products into their cart. The PickyStory app offers a full arsenal of bundling options. 

With PickyStory, you can target your customers’ style by presenting them with products that are frequently bought together with the item they’re currently looking at. You can give them the option to shop full looks, making them want to get the pants that go so well with the shirt they already had their eye on. You can offer them amazon-like recommendations, based on their shopping activity.

PickyStory lets you create manual bundles or you can let the app create them with its sophisticated algorithm built to learn your shoppers’ behavior to a tee.

Top features:

pickystory upsell apps

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#2: Smartzer

Smartzer’s shoppable video app for Shopify allows brands to add an interactive overlay to their video content. Consumers can tap, click and swipe hotspots to bring up information with an ‘add to cart’ button encouraging viewers to make purchases straight from the video. Smartzer also has a live stream shopping feature that lets brands sell products in real-time. Consumers can click product pop-ups displayed seamlessly in the live stream shopping events to add to their cart or be directed to product pages. The shoppable video experiences can be shared on e-commerce sites, social media and email newsletters.

Top features:

shopify upsell apps

#3: Personalizer

“The Cocktail Effect” occurs when something catches your attention in the midst of a hectic situation – like when your name is called out in a noisy cocktail party. So, presenting your customers with personalized features can be an efficient way to catch your customers eye when they’re on an online shopping spree.

This Shopify upsell app can help you add features like these to your store. Personalizer strives to help you create a 1 on 1 experience with your customers, increasing the chance for you to increase conversion rates and customer engagements.

Top features:

Personal upsell apps

#4: Pop Upsell (best Shopify upsell apps: popup)

Using pop ups in online stores is a controversial topic – it can help you catch your customers attention, but can often be a pesky interruption for the customer’s shopping experience. So, it’s very important to use them wisely!

If you chose to use them, Pop Upsell is a good Shopify upsell app choice. This app allows you to insert pop-ups in many different points of your customer’s shopping journey, making sure they won’t be able to miss your offer.

Top features:

Many of us can relate to a situation where we’re looking something up, we start typing but stop mid-way because we’re not really sure what we’re looking for. But did you know that this is one of the reasons that potential customers leave your site without making a buy?

Optimizing your search bar can be useful in helping you to prevent these situations. Instant Search Bar is a Shopify upsell app designed to provide features that will try to make sure your customers don’t abandon your store before converting. These features allow you to suggest different auto-completions to the search the customer started, guiding them towards a potential purchase.

Top features:

#6: Kit

As a Shopify retailer, you’re probably no stranger to the concept of marketing. In this day and age, marketing tools are a must if you want to upsell your products and increase your store’s revenue. Good marketing keeps you connected with your customers, not only through your shops, but also through different social platforms.

Kit is an app straight from Shopify themselves. The app can provide you with a variety of tools, designed to help you manage your marketing needs, without having to hire a specialist. And best of all, the app is free for you to use.

Top features:

increase conversion rate

#7: Growave

After reaching out to customers through marketing, the next step is making sure they want to continue being your customers. Although they may have left your stores satisfied, studies show that 60%-80% of these customers will not go back to a satisfying business.

Growave is a Shopify upsell app that provides a good solution to this problem – loyalty programs. These programs provide rewards for recurring customers, like discounts, VIP-tier products, and loyalty points they can use in future purchases.

Growaves loyalty programs help increase repeat purchases and strengthen customer-retailer relationships.

Top features:

social upsell

#8: Countdown Cart (best Shopify upsell apps: Countdown)

Creating a sense of urgency for your customer is a useful upsell tactic, because it works on a very common human trait – FOMO. The fear of missing out is a strong player in the fast world of eCommerce. As fast as it is to make a purchase – it can be faster to lose a product or a good deal.

How fast? The Countdown Cart timer will tell you. This Shopify upsell app allows you to add a timer to countdown different deals and promos on your site. Although providing only this widget, the app gives you the option to customize and use your countdown timer bar in several different ways.

Top features:

#9: Upsell by Email

As we said earlier, it’s important to acquire new customers, but keeping your current ones closer can be sometimes more worthy of your time. How would you suggest keeping in touch with a friend? Although some have already been mourning the era of emails, this platform has proven to generate more sales than other common platforms – like social media, promoted searches and online ads.

We recommend installing a Shopify upsell app to help you create these mails and assure that you and your new customers continue your relationship. Upsell by email has several tools to create personalized email campaigns, promotions and suggestions, so that your customers don’t miss out on what you have to offer.

Top features:

email upsell apps

What is the best Shopify upsell app for you?

As you can see, the different ways you can upsell on Shopify are countless. This is why you should make sure that the Shopify upsell app you choose has the features that suit your brand in the best way possible.

Think about your customer’s shopping journey, map out all of the crucial touchpoints and address them with the right Shopify upsell app like PickyStory or others. The apps in the best Shopify upsell list above have proven to be a great solution to upsell-seeking retailers.

Good Luck!

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