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Shopify Recommended Products: Definition, Best Practices, + Examples (2023)

Shopify recommended products: Have you been wondering about Shopify recommended products and whether they could benefit your e-commerce store? If so – you’re in the right place. We’ve put together an explainer relating to Shopify recommended products, Shopify related products, and what they can do for your Shopify store.

What are Shopify recommended products?

Adding a recommended products section to your Shopify store allows your customers to see an automatically-generated list of product recommendations. Shopify recommended products makes it easy for customers to discover new products, allows you to push or promote certain products, and can definitely increase online store sales.

Shopify related products and recommended products sections allow you to display products that commonly purchased together, or products that are in related categories. One of the key benefits of organizing Shopify related products by type is that product recommendations become more accurate and effective over time, as more purchases are made, and more product information becomes available.

Who should add Shopify recommended products?

E-commerce stores in just about any industry can benefit from adding Shopify related products. This is a simple and effective way of increasing sales known as cross-selling, which encourages your customers to make an additional purchase of a related item. One of the main benefits of cross-selling is that it leads to an increased order size and average order value – i.e., your customers are spending more than they normally would.

A Shopify recommended products app doesn’t just increase order value and boost revenue, it actually benefits your customers as well. As long as your related products relate to the initial product your customer is purchasing, you can help them find new items that will help make the first item in their cart better/more effective/enhanced. 

Customers appreciate this, and will remember your store as being helpful and easy to navigate. It can also help to reduce cart abandonment, and hopefully, it will also encourage them to come back for more!

What are the different types of Shopify recommended products?

There are several different ways to add Shopify recommended related products to your store. The best way to do it will depend on your industry, your store’s layout, your brand’s voice and tone, and your personal preference. The main ways to Shopify add recommended products are these:

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#1 Add Shopify recommended products as simple sections on product pages

One of the easiest ways to add Shopify related products by type to your store is by adding designated sections to your product pages. This is an effective strategy because this is where your customers spend a lot of time reading, browsing, and learning about your products. Seeing as you already have their attention (and they appear to be interested in specific products or catalogs), why not show them some similar or related products as well?

One of the major pros of adding Shopify recommended products to your product pages is that it’s easy to integrate with most Shopify themes. In fact, even a large number of free Shopify themes give you the option of adding product recommendations to product pages. If your product selection is arranged in catalogs, you can add Shopify related products by type to help your customers find boots that match their new dress, or teacups to go with their new kettle.

#2 Add Shopify related products by using bundles

Product bundles are a great way of increasing average order value with little effort required. This upselling technique allows you to display Shopify related products on cart page (or other locations in your store) and tempt your customers with related items that can be bundled together. You can even sweeten the deal by offering discounts when multiple items are purchased together.

shopify recommended products
Source: try.pickystory.com

There are lots of Shopify recommended products app options that will make it easy to integrate bundles into your store. Product bundles on Shopify make use of leading and efficient tactics that show your customers even more of your products. If you’re a tech merchant, you can offer a bundle deal of a laptop, monitor, and mouse at a discounted price. If you’re in the wine business, you can give your customers a 20% discount when they purchase three or more different bottles of wine.

#4 Add Shopify related products with product Kits

shopify recommended products
Source: try.pickystory.com

Shopify product kits are an exciting new way in which your customers can add groups of different or related products to their cart for a deal/discount. One of the great features of product kits is that you can create tiers – i.e., you can give your customers a 10% discount off three items, or a 20% discount off five items, and so on – all in one place!

Product kits are an effective upselling technique because you can sell on higher volumes and offer greater incentives for purchasing multiple products. You can add kits to your product pages so that your customers see these attractive deals right before they add to cart. These deals encourage your customers to make bigger purchases and increase your average order value.

Use Shop the Look to add Shopify related products

Even when your customers come to your store with a single product in mind, you can still upsell by inspiring them to explore shoppable looks. Shop the look is an upselling technique that started in the fashion industry, but it’s since spread to homewares, beauty, and other e-commerce sectors. Using shop the look is a great way to show your customers the functionality and versatility of your products, and it also helps your customers to feel connected with your brand.

shopify shop the look
Source: https://us.judithandcharles.com/

If you want to add Shopify related products to your store, shop the look is a great way to do it. Creating lookbooks where your customers can view complete looks brings an e-commerce store closer to a real-life shopping experience – it’s inspiring, visually engaging, and can speak personally to each customer.

How should you combine Shopify recommended products together?

The power is really in your hands when it comes to how you group your Shopify recommended products. Take some time to think about your store, your products, and the best ways to combine them. Generally, there are two main ways to group your products:

Manual combinations

One option is that you manually group your products. You can group Shopify related products by type, or base your groupings on collections, looks, or complementary products that you know will be suited to the initial product. Using manual combinations also gives you the option of grouping your product with best-selling items, or on the other hand, using a recommended products section to help some of your least performing products shine. Manual groupings sometimes work best for smaller catalogs, or for newer Shopify stores that don’t yet have a lot of sales data.

Automated combinations

If you have a large catalog, it’s going to be very hard (and tedious) for you to go through and create manual groupings for your products. This is where automated combinations can help: allow a Shopify recommended products app to do the work for you by picking the best product combinations based on your existing order data. With time (and more sales data) this process becomes even more accurate and effective and can generate more revenue automatically by offering the most appropriate related products.

Never miss an opportunity to show your customers Shopify recommended products with PickyStory

For each customer who visits your store, think about how many different pages they visit. They are likely to start on your home page, then move to a collection or shop the look page, then browse dedicated product pages. As you can see, this gives you so many opportunities to engage with your customers and adding recommended products across their journey through your store.

For example, you may want to focus on a broader selection of products on your homepage, to engage your customers. Then, when they visit your dedicated shop the look or collections pages, you can help them find exactly what they’re looking for with eye-catching, shoppable looks where multiple products can easily be added to their cart together. Suppose your customer is viewing products on a specific product page. In that case, you can ensure that the recommended products displayed are best-suited to the product they are interested in, giving you the best possible chance of increasing revenue from each sale.

To achieve all of this, it’s critical to have a flexible upselling platform that enables you to add multiple recommended offers to any page in your store. PickyStory helps you to easily reach these goals, by allowing the integration of Shopify recommended products anywhere within your store. It also allows you to tailor your recommendations depending on which page your customer is viewing.

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PickyStory makes it so simple to boost your average order value by allowing you to seamlessly integrate Shopify recommended products into any page of your store. PickyStory’s flexibility makes it perfect for just about any store in any industry, and allows you to easily create shoppable looks, product bundles, and product kits that encourage your customers to add extra items to their cart before checking out.

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