Shopify Product Bundles Apps: Tips, Use Cases and Examples (9 Best Apps)

Shopify retailers usually have these main goals in mind: increasing average order value and reducing expenses. Lucky for you, there is a way you can achieve both of these in just one step – Shopify product bundles.

Shopify product bundles is a key move to accomplishing these main goals. It puts an emphasis on your existing customers, whereas acquiring new ones can be up to 25 times more expensive! Shopify product bundle apps are used by top-tier Shopify stores, such as Judith & CharlesGerry Weber and LulaFox. The apps help these brands upsell their products and generate major revenue.

Bundle upselling is a great e-commerce strategy because it creates a win-win situation for you and your customers. You increase the average order value of your store, while they get more of your products in one place, for a better price. Plus, showing engagement in your customer’s shopping experience helps you build a trustworthy relationship with them. This raises your store’s credibility and makes them want to return for more.

This is why using a Shopify product bundles app is a crucial part in taking your store to the next level and joining these leading brands. But finding the right app with the right features for your store isn’t always easy. No worries – we picked out the best Shopify apps for product bundles, to help you achieve all of these goals and more.

Here are our best Shopify product bundles apps:

#1: PickyStory (best Shopify product bundles app)

PickyStory is one of the top apps to create Shopify product bundles. These app’s tools are directed to enable you to upsell bundles through multiple gateways.

With PickyStory you can create customized bundles, or if you don’t have time – let the app automatically create it for you based on a smart algorithm that will pick the best combinations according to your store’s sales history.

Top features:

best shopify apps for bundling

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

#2: Bundler

Studies have shown a 73% increase in sales when products are offered in a bundled deal. Bundler is a Shopify product bundle app that aims to help you reap these benefits. Offering bundle discounts urges your customers to opt for quantity rather than getting less for less. Bundler’s tools can help to increase your revenue by bundling products with less popular products.

Top features:

#3: Product Bundles - Fast Checkout

In today’s world, especially in eCommerce, every second counts. Amazon’s research showed that for every 100 milliseconds of latency, it cost them 1% in sales. So, providing an immediate jump to check out can be beneficial for increasing conversion rates. This is why product Bundles is another one of our picks for the best Shopify product bundle apps.

Top features:

shopify product bundles apps

#4: UpsellKit

Another handy Shopify product bundle app is UpsellKit. Upsell Kit exposes customers to different product bundle options by generating a pop-up whenever the customer adds an item to their cart. This way, customers will be exposed more easily to your product bundles offers, and have a tougher time ignoring them.

Top features:

#5: MuzeBoard (best Shopify product boards)

If design is an integral part of your store management, then MuzeBoard is a great app for you. MuzeBoard is a Shopify product bundle app that puts an emphasis on aesthetics. This app provides tools to create look boards that you can showcase on your “list of MuzeBoards”. There you can gather looks for future inspiration.

Top features:

shopify product bundles apps

#6: Dealio

This Shopify product bundle app adds a unique twist to upselling tactics. The Dealio app provides an option to add a virtual scratch card, offering your customers different product bundle deals. The app aspires to understand the psychology behind the customer’s experience in their shop. A prize-winning game adds a motivational and fun incentive to purchase product bundles. Instead of feeling like the retailer just wants their money, the customer gains a feeling of earning a special deal.

Top features:

Dealio app

#7: Bundlify ‑ Cross selling boost

Another one of the Shopify product bundle apps on our list is Bundlify. This app provides a variety of tools that will help upsell your products through several means. The app offers versatile options that can make your customers’ shopping experience more simple and comfortable.

Top features:

shopify product bundles apps

#8: Simile

Personalization is one of the leading tactics in gaining customer trust, boosting conversion rates and eventually increasing your store’s revenue. This is due to the fact that 80% of customers are more likely to buy from a business offering a personalized experience. Simile is one of the Shopify product bundle apps taking use of this fact. This app has an automated method that collects your customers’ info and generates customized recommended product bundles, fit precisely for that customer. 

Top features:

similie app

#9: Bundles by Gazebo

When using Shopify product bundles to upsell, it can be a bit challenging to track all of the products in your inventory. This is why Bundles can be a helpful app. Although being a ‘veteran’ in the world of product bundle apps, Bundles has handy tools to upsell products in your store.

Top features:

shopify product bundles app

So, what do the best Shopify product bundles have to offer?

If you are looking to raise your store’s conversion rates, increase your revenue and keep your customers coming back for more, using these Shopify bundle apps can really be a deal-maker. Creating Shopify product bundles has proven to be an easy and effective way to achieve these important goals.

We recommend choosing apps that offer all of the best Shopify product bundles features in one, like PickyStory, to concentrate all of the best bundling tools in one place.

Good Luck!

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