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Shopify Plus Features: 8 Key Benefits of Shopify’s Premium Platform

Shopify Plus features: Successful brands of all sorts have turned to Shopify to build their e-commerce platform. Shopify can help small and large businesses gain a foothold in e-commerce. Nevertheless, there comes a time when brands expand and thereby need a more robust e-commerce platform.

For high sales-volume brands, Shopify Plus is the answer. Large-scale businesses have come to rely on Shopify Plus to help their brands achieve unparalleled success. Shopify Plus has gotten it right with its features designed for high-volume brands.

In this article, we are going to explore Shopify Plus and the amazing features associated with this powerful platform. 

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s premium platform.The traditional Shopify platform aims to help businesses of any kind have a reliable and useful online e-commerce platform, with plans to suit every type of business and flexible pricing options.

On the whole, Shopify caters to small businesses looking to find an affordable way of launching their e-commerce platforms. However, large-scale companies require more robust capabilities to meet their customers’ demands. As a result, Shopify Plus’s features aim to provide high-volume stores the capabilities it needs to handle increased transaction volumes.

Shopify Plus offers improved characteristics aimed at enterprise-level brands. Here is an overview of the Shopify Plus plan features:

Shopify Plus isn’t necessarily “better” than the standard Shopify platform, but it can handle the increased demand from large-scale shops and offers vastly advanced customization options. As a result, you can ensure greater control over your e-commerce site.

Shopify Plus features: Who are they for?

Any business can take full advantage of Shopify Plus’s best features. On the whole, Shopify Plus’s features list caters to large-scale brands with a high sales volume. Shopify recommends its Shopify Plus platform when businesses gross over $800,000 a month in sales. Furthermore, stores with high traffic choose Shopify Plus to handle their needs seamlessly.

Nevertheless, small businesses looking for a highly customizable e-commerce platform can use Shopify Plus to meet their needs. Small businesses can use Shopify Plus, particularly when switching from other platforms such as Magento or WooCommerce. Shopify Plus’s features rival Magento’s or WooCommerce’s for a fraction of the cost. As a result, smaller shops can use Shopify Plus to create a fully tailored experience for their customers.

Startup shops on a shoestring budget should check out Shopify’s standard platform. With plans starting at $9 a month, it makes sense to start there. After all, upgrading to Shopify Plus is easy as your business grows.

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What are the best Shopify Plus features?

Shopify Plus’s best features are like Shopify’s standard features but on steroids! Shopify Plus features list the most powerful features you need for your business. So, let’s take a look at the best Shopify Plus features.

#1 Shopify Plus can handle massive traffic

The standard Shopify platform can handle anything that comes its way. Nevertheless, stores with high sales volume and customer traffic may experience delays and slow loading times. Shopify is a cloud-based platform. So, it guarantees 100% uptime. Nevertheless, there are times when a robust platform is necessary to handle vast amounts of traffic. 

For example, Kylie Cosmetics took on more than 200,000 customers at one during a pop-up event. Also, Death Wish Coffee saw their traffic spike following a Super Bowl ad. The brand took on $2.083 a minute.

These examples highlight how robust traffic-handling capabilities make Shopify Plus the go-to platform for high traffic and sales volume brands.

#2 Shopify Plus feature: Merchant success managers

Shopify Plus isn’t interested in signing businesses up for the sake of gaining subscribers. Shopify Plus wants its business partners to be successful using Shopify Plus. As such, Shopify Plus merchant success managers are special agents dedicated to serving Shopify Plus merchants.

Shopify Plus merchant success managers work with you to determine if Shopify Plus is right for you. Merchant success managers ask you questions about your needs to map out how Shopify Plus can help your store get to the next level. Also, a merchant success manager enables you to identify growth opportunities, expansion potential, and how to get the most out of Shopify Plus. 

Once you have signed on to Shopify Plus, a dedicated launch team works with you to get your store up and running. The launch team helps you with integrations (CRM, ERP, or 3PL), testing, customizations, and data migration. 

Check out Shopify’s dedicated page on merchant success managers.

#3 Shopify Plus feature: Checkout customization

Shopify Plus’s best features list customization at the top. While the standard Shopify platform gives you plenty of freedom, Shopify Plus’s best features allow you to customize every aspect of your store. As such, you can customize everything from color schemes and fonts to even offering personalized checkout pages for different customers.

In particular, Shopify Plus allows you to customize your customers’ checkout experience. Shopify Plus features will enable you to customize checkouts, allowing for a tailored experience. Here’s what you can do with Shopify Plus:

#4 Shopify Plus features advanced multichannel integration

Nowadays, you must be present on as many digital channels as possible. You may also drive traffic from various sources, such as social media, to your main e-commerce site. Shopify Plus features allow you to integrate any platform you use to drive traffic seamlessly. Social media integration with platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Google is effortless with Shopify Plus. 

Additionally, Shopify Plus’s multichannel integration works extremely well with messenger services such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, and WhatsApp. This integration allows you to handle customer queries directly from your Shopify Plus platform regardless of where your customers are. Best of all, you can integrate messaging platforms to send reminds, thereby reducing cart abandonment and improving conversions.

#5 Theme customization (one of the top Shopify Plus features)

Shopify Plus’s best features make storefront customization a cinch. You can use specialized apps to customize your store’s theme, or you can manually edit the liquid HTML (or entrust a developer to do this for you). Shopify Plus offers free and paid customization apps. Therefore, you can choose the apps that best suit your store’s needs. You can build a completely customized storefront to match your brand’s identity in no time.

#6 Shopify Plus features multiple staff accounts

Most small businesses generally have a limited number of staff members. As a result, they only need a handful of staff member accounts. The standard Shopify platform allows you to create up to five staff accounts in its pro subscription plan.

Shopify Plus changes all that. Shopify Plus can work with your shop to create access to as many users as needed. Thus, you can grant access to your staff quickly and easily. Best of all, you can fully customize who has control over what. Moreover, you can integrate user accounts and controls from other CRM, ERP, or 3PL platforms. Consequently, your staff can effortlessly transition into your new Shopify Plus-based e-commerce site.

Source: https://www.shopify.com/plus

#7 Shopify Plus features exclusive apps

Shopify Plus offers its business partners access to exclusive apps. These apps highlight Shopify Plus’s best features by making its platform easy to use. Here is a look at the apps you can find on Shopify Plus:

Please note that there is a plethora of apps at the Shopify app store. However, there are also exclusive Shopify Plus apps. These apps don’t work with the standard Shopify platform since they offer specific capabilities not available outside of Shopify Plus. For example, checkout customization apps are not available on the standard Shopify platform.

Shopify Plus features
Source: https://apps.shopify.com

#8 Wholesale channels

The standard Shopify platform caters specifically to retailers. Thus, Shopify provides outstanding options for stores handling individual orders. However, large brands often make a significant chunk of their revenue from wholesale orders. As such, Shopify Plus’s best features can easily handle wholesale orders.

Shopify Plus’s features list multiple storefronts. Therefore, your customers can visit your retail or wholesale storefront. From there, your customers have the option to customize their orders. In particular, your customized wholesale channel can offer the following:

Shopify Plus merchants can apply for the Handshake Marketplace. The Handshake Marketplace is a platform that connects wholesale sellers with retailers. As a Shopify Plus merchant, you can apply for the Handshake Marketplace. Once approved, retailers will see you as a trusted supplier. 

Shopify Plus features
Source: https://www.handshake.com

Shopify Plus + PickyStory: Endless possibilities

PickyStory helps e-commerce brands like yours make the most of Shopify Plus by making it easy to generate more revenue from every store visit. PickyStory is an e-commerce sales automation platform that allows you to create product deals, initiate sales campaigns, and monitor/optimize the performance of each campaign. 

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you drive sales and increase revenue, let PickyStory help you harness Shopify Plus’s feature list and enable your brand to level-up your e-commerce growth.

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Shopify Plus features: Taking your e-commerce site to the next level

Shopify provides small businesses the opportunity to go online without substantial upfront investments. You can start an online business using Shopify’s standard platform in a few hours. However, large brands and expanding companies need more punch to deliver on their customers’ expectations. 

If your business is rapidly growing sales volume, customer traffic, taking wholesale orders, needs robust customization capabilities, or caters to highly specific customer niches, Shopify Plus can provide you with the tools you need to take your e-commerce site to the next level.

If you’re looking for more Shopify tips and tricks, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

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