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Shopify Plus Case Studies: Top Brands Growing with PickyStory

There’s no doubt that Shopify Plus can be an amazing platform for growing your business, expanding your reach, and increasing your revenue. With Shopify’s powerful platform and the right sales tools, you can achieve great success. We’ve compiled Shopify Plus case studies from PickyStory merchants – some of our favorite brands that use PickyStory’s sales automation platform to drive sales.

From these Shopify Plus case studies, learn how these brands have found success, the challenges they have faced, and how product bundles and deal templates have dramatically increased their average order value (AOV), revenue, and even provided some unexpected benefits along the way.

Why do larger brands choose Shopify Plus?

Shopify is a great platform for building a retail store. It is no wonder over 1M merchants use it to engage shoppers. Given that thriving businesses need a platform that supports continuous growth and scalability, Shopify Plus offers the perfect solution for fast-growing businesses. Here are some of the top reasons why growing brands trust Shopify Plus:

Schedule promotions

Shopify Plus manages the high volume of traffic from promotions. Big brands can prepare in advance events like flash sales product launches. It also features a real-time analytics dashboard that monitors the promotions. This helps reveal what works and what doesn’t.

Advanced app integration

Shopify offers a variety of features needed to manage an online store. But as your store grows, you’ll need to integrate some advanced features into your business. 

Shopify partners with over 1,000 developers to create apps that help with discounts, special offers, and lots more. Also, Shopify offers brands higher API limits to do more with app integration and resource planning.

Workflow customization

Shopify Plus has an automation platform (Flow) that lets brands easily operate the store’s backend. Also, brands can use workflow templates or create the templates to specification.

For instance, common workflows include email sequencing, personalized product suggestions, and purchase tracking. With proper use of this plugin, Shopify Plus retailers can maximize store performance and productivity.


Top brands choose Shopify Plus because they get dedicated, personal support. Shopify Plus does not only assign a launch manager to help during the build and migration. Brands also get access to the merchant success program that links you with the right support.

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

Why do brands choose PickyStory?

Getting customers to spend more is a struggle every online retailer faces. That’s why it is important to make the most of every shopper that visits your store. So, how can you get visitors to add additional products to their carts? 

PickyStory helps boost merchants’ revenue from each store visit. With PickyStory, retailers can create compelling product deals to motivate shoppers to buy more. Some reasons why brands choose PickyStory are:

#1 Display deals on any page

shopify plus case studies

PickyStory provides various deal options that brands can use throughout their website. With several flexible deal options, brands will surely find a solution that works.

#2 Auto-syncs with Shopify inventory

shopify plus case studies

PickyStory can auto-sync with your store’s inventory from Shopify. And that means no more updating your inventory manually! When your customer purchases a deal that contains products A, B, and C, your inventory is adjusted automatically for these three products. 

Plus, products can’t be bought through deals if they are not in stock. As detailed in the Shopify Plus case studies below, inventory management is a significant pain point for many e-commerce brands. 

#3 Fully customizable

shopify plus case studies

One of the perks of using PickyStory is that it works well with any Shopify theme. Aside from this, brands can also customize deals through PickyStory to suit your brand’s style. When you add deals to your store, they will look like they’ve been there all along. 

PickyStory + Shopify Plus case studies

Want to learn more about how PickyStory can help Shopify merchants grow sales and solve problems? Hear from these brands to learn what they have gained from PickyStory’s platform with our Shopify Plus case studies. 

PRx Performance

Founded by Erik Hopperstad (President) and Brian Brasch (CEO), PRx Performance is an independent fitness equipment retailer. PRx Performance empowers families and individuals to add fitness into their lifestyles by offering its customers quality products that fit in tight places, along with excellent customer service.

PRx Performance offerings include home gym packages with a patented folding rack, storage accessories, plus bars, storage accessories, and more. It became important to offer these products as a single item, so they could be added to marketing channels and also to make it easier on first-time customers, who would otherwise have to navigate between 20 product pages to get everything they needed. 

shopify combo products
Source: prxperformance.com

Using PickyStory’s Combo Product feature was the best decision for PRx Performance, for many reasons. It allowed the brand to sell home gym packages using a platform that manages high-volume orders. After initially setting up their packages via the PickyStory app, all inventory is managed and tracked automatically – when a package is sold, inventory is adjusted for each of the individual components.

PRx Performance customers can now add, remove, or change products within a package before they make a purchase. Even better, Kate and her team can fulfill orders and ship items to customers quickly, given that they aren’t spending valuable hours managing inventory levels. Plus, the AOV of PickyStory deals is around 3x higher than a regular purchase for PRx Performance.

Lush Décor

Lush Décor is on a mission to inspire and help people create unique home fashions. Designed in the U.S. and manufactured by experts worldwide, Lush Décor has built a reputation for creating distinctive, ingenious designs that amaze and delight. 

Lush Décor needed to offer bedding bundles – complete sets that were both matching and appropriately sized. While they also wanted to offer individual products, matching sets were a great opportunity to encourage customers to spend more on their purchases. 

Source: lushdecor.com

Lush Décor used PickyStory to help them create a platform that supports many deals, including complete looks, combo products, and even the option for customers to build their own bundles. This helps drive more traffic to their D2C store, and also reduces time spent manually managing inventory. 

Since partnering with PickyStory, Lush decor has seen a 54% increase in AOV and a 32x ROI from PickyStory deals. Also, the Lush Décor team can easily create beautiful new bedding sets, assign discounts, display deals anywhere across their store, and manage inventory stress-free.


Zenbivy is a comfort-driven outdoor sleeping system brand. Launched in 2017, Zenbivy creates quality outdoor bedding that lets outdoor adventurers sleep in a bed-like system rather than a traditional “mummy” sleeping bag. Zenbivy has grown quickly since its launch, selling globally to satisfied (and well-rested) adventurers.

Zenbivy faced a unique challenge. Almost 100% of their customers were used to traditional sleeping bags. They were trying to convince these customers to try something completely different – a two-piece bed with a matching mattress, pillow, and other accessories. Trying to explain how their products fit together, and what customers need to purchase to make the whole system work, was difficult when selling online. 

Source: zenbivy.com

With PickyStory, Zenbivy can create complete bed bundles that are perfect for easing new customers into the Zenbivy way of life. With these pre-defined packs of products, customers can rest assured (literally) knowing that Zenbivy has already put all the right products together – there’s no chance of buying a bed that isn’t compatible with the mattress. 

Zenbivy sees an incredible 42% of revenue come through the sale of their complete bed bundles. Customers love the ease of simply purchasing one product. What’s more, the average order value for these orders is more than twice that of a regular Zenbivy order. 

What problems can PickyStory help you solve?

Wondering how your brand can make the most of PickyStory’s deal templates, discount engine, or storefront API? Book a demo, or discover more customer stories to learn more. 

If you’re looking for more Shopify tips and recommendations, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

Generate more revenue from every store visit.

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Get the Step-by-step Ultimate Guide for Bundles [2023]


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