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9 Key Shopify Plus Benefits you may Not Know About Yet

Shopify Plus Benefits: It makes sense that upgrading to Shopify Plus would bring with it new functionality and advantages. Some of the benefits of Shopify Plus are pretty obvious, like access to premium Shopify support systems and exclusive apps. 

However, not all Shopify Plus benefits are as obvious, with many brands seeing some surprising side-effects after making the upgrade to Shopify Plus. Enhanced marketing campaigns, reduced cart abandonment, and improved brand loyalty are just a few. 

Let’s explore the benefits of Shopify Plus in depth, to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the best Shopify plan to meet your business needs. 

First, what exactly is Shopify Plus?

As your online store grows, everything becomes complex quickly. You have more earnings, more inventory, more buyers, more things to tweak and do daily! But with Shopify Plus, you have exclusive tools that can help your business scale, as well as massive networks of talented professionals to help along the way.

Shopify Plus is a hosted enterprise e-commerce solution. For a monthly fee, Shopify Plus takes it up a notch. You get to enjoy more benefits than what you get with the basic Shopify platform, regardless of which plan you choose. With the platform’s unlimited bandwidth, your can handle all the traffic you need, and enjoy almost non-stop, uninterrupted uptime. 

Also, you can create time-saving automations for inventory management, order processing, and more. These Shopify Plus benefits make the platform ideal for high-growth businesses that want to scale.

Who are Shopify Plus benefits designed for?

Shopify Plus benefits are for high-growth merchants and brands. Clearly, Shopify Plus offers a toolkit that manages sales spikes and helps businesses generate more revenue. So once you reach about $1M in e-commerce revenue, it usually makes sense to switch to Shopify Plus.

Granted, it’s not the annual income that initiates the need to switch, it’s all the other factors that come with growing your brand to this point. You will need more support, both in terms of technical management of your website as well as automation of day-to-day e-commerce activities. The unique benefits Shopify Plus offers are designed exactly to meet these needs.

So, let’s take a look at exactly what benefits Shopify Plus can bring to your brand.

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9 Shopify Plus benefits and why they’re so important

#1 Dedicated wholesale channel

Wholesale transactions make up a huge chunk of revenue for e-commerce businesses, especially those on the larger side. However, managing it all manually isn’t scalable. You can switch to Shopify Plus and utilize its password-protected wholesale channel.

With this dedicated channel, you can create a branded B2B and B2C portal within your existing store. For instance, the James Brand’s wholesale portal below builds a storefront with existing products. That means more work isn’t required to create this channel.

In addition, you can manage the following:

#2 Customize checkout

On regular Shopify plans, your theme can be modified and customized, but the underlying Shopify code cannot. This means that there are definite limitations on what online merchants can do on these plans. One big limitation is checkout customization.

However, merchants can customize pages with Shopify Plus for a better checkout experience, which has the add-on effect of reducing cart abandonment. It also allows merchants to include specific fields at checkout, tailor shipping costs based on the customer’s location, and much, much more.

#3 Shopify Plus benefits international growth

As a global platform, Shopify Plus is designed to make selling globally easy. That means different stores can grow and thrive in various regions. Presently, about 175 countries have over 300M international online shoppers in 1M+ stores.

Shopify Plus offers nine more store clones to push your online globally. It does this by offering an e-commerce experience designed for many currencies, languages, and trends.

#4 Exclusive API calls

An API receives requests and forwards responses. So, it’s just like a “link” for system integrations. With Shopify Plus, your store can benefit from exclusive APIs like:

#5 Dedicated support - an amazing Shopify Plus benefit

Quick support is vital for online transactions, especially for stores with high traffic and order volumes. Shopify has an excellent record for customer service all-around. Any merchant on its basic business plans has 24/7 assistance. This includes email, phone, chat, and a vast database with tutorials.

Shopify Plus expands on this by allocating a dedicated Launch Manager. The manager exists to help those looking to set up or switch to Shopify Plus. Continuous support and daily issues are managed by a reliable Merchant Success Manager (MSM).

Also, Shopify Plus offers launch engineers to solve issues that might occur across operations. This additional service and support definitely add another layer of value.

#6 User-friendly analytics dashboard

Shopify delivers an easy-to-use analytics dashboard. The dashboard often displays your sales performance and custom reports. You also observe real-time stats and trends, perfect for optimizing your e-commerce sales campaigns over time.

It doesn’t end there. Shopify Plus also works with top-leading analytics brands like Looker and Glew. With these integrations, merchants can access comprehensive data reports. They can further use these reports to make better business decisions, which can often lead to rapid growth and brand success

#7 Operations and automation

Some functions within Shopify Plus provide amazing abilities. And one such feature is Flow. With Flow, you can create, import, and set up automated processes. For instance, Flow allows retailers to configure shipping prices for high-volume shoppers.

shopify plus benefits
Source: apps.shopify.com/flow

For example, the Flow above tags a buyer to a loyalty program based on marketing opt-in and total order. When the customer gets assigned to the program, they’ll automatically get any home page, customized shipping, and price that aims at loyalty program shoppers.

Also, Flow gives rule-based discounts. This includes offering a discount to buyers that buy more than three times within six months. In addition, Shopify Flow allows merchants to automate backend processes for enhanced productivity. It’s a great tool and can help free up you and your staff’s time.

#8 Advanced discount engine

Shopify Plus users have access to Scripts, which helps modify your store’s metrics. With Scripts, merchants can offer promotions and add price breaks on multiple orders. Also, you can give shopping discounts and change shipping methods too.

Shopify plus benefits
Source: apps.shopify.com/script-editor

#9 Smart promotional tools

Shopify Plus gives merchants express access to Launchpad. This access allows merchants to automate the activity required to launch a successful product. It also helps merchants set up successful sales campaigns or flash sales. 

Source: apps.shopify.com/launchpad

With Launchpad, you can organize bulk changes that tally with the start or end of your campaign. Launchpad also lets you track events, manage campaigns, and build limited-release product groups.

Find even more Shopify Plus benefits with PickyStory

Shopify Plus users can unlock even more benefits by adding PickyStory to their Shopify store. PickyStory helps all merchants increase their average order value (AOV) and increase revenue by selling product deals and bundles throughout their store. 

While all PickyStory deals can be fully customized to suit your brand’s stylings, users on the Premium platform can take things even further. PickyStory’s storefront API gives full control over the front-end experience you want to create. 

This means you can use PickyStory’s powerful discount engine to power your deals behind the scenes, while creating a fully-customized sales flow and experience for your customers. The possibilities are endless!

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Shopify Plus benefits: Taking your e-commerce store to the next level

In addition to the above benefits, Shopify Plus supports unlimited staff accounts. If your marketing, sales, storage, and customer service staff uses Shopify, unlimited staff accounts can help improve productivity.

Shopify Plus incorporates one-click digital wallet checkout directly within your product page. This impulse-buy benefit can help increase conversions by offering a quick-buy experience. It also helps reduce abandoned carts and “cart remorse.”

What’s more, using Shopify Plus’s video automation within product pages, you can build virtual in-home previews.

Looking at these Shopify Plus benefits, you’ll agree that it is a powerful platform that greatly boosts a brand’s growth. However, it comes at a price. So it’s vital to only invest when you reach a growth stage that makes the price worth it.

If you’re looking for more Shopify tips and recommendations, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

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