Shopify Page Builder: Top 5 page builders for your Shopify store (+ examples)

Shopify page builder: Many e-commerce stores use a Shopify page builder to create a customized website in an easy and simple way – you don’t have to be a coding expert to create a unique site that meets your e-commerce needs. If that is music to your ears, read on! We’ve put together this article to answer your Shopify page builder questions and explore the best Shopify page builder options for your e-commerce store.


What is a Shopify page builder?

Shopify itself allows you to easily create an eCommerce store with minimal prior knowledge. It has a lot of benefits but of course isn’t perfect – the templates available aren’t all that customizable and might not let you create the website of your dreams. However, using a Shopify page builder gives you more freedom, control, and customizability of your store’s design.

Basically, a Shopify page builder is an app that allows you to design and customize new pages for your store. They have a wide range of features to choose from, allowing you to create a layout you’re happy with. You can customize headings, easily integrate images, and include buttons, lists, and other features with a few simple clicks.

Who should use a Shopify page builder?

To know if a Shopify page builder would benefit your store, think about your experience with Shopify so far. Are you struggling to customize your store, or do you find yourself wishing you had better design tools to work with than the default Shopify page templates? The truth is, a Shopify page editor can benefit any Shopify store, regardless of your e-commerce industry or your brand.

The main benefit of a Shopify page builder is the sheer customizability it can deliver to your store. What’s more – it’s easy to use. If you think you have to be a developer or programmer to customize your store, that’s simply not true! A Shopify page builder comes with simple drag-and-drop features allowing you to tailor and customize the structure of each page of your store in just a few minutes.

Which pages can you build or edit with a Shopify page builder?

The truth is, just about any page in your store can be customized with a decent Shopify page builder. You can use a page builder to create a home page that doesn’t look like it came straight from a template, or to create product pages that really make your merchandise shine.

If you’re looking to develop more specialized pages on your store, a Shopify page builder can help with that too. Use a page builder to create a customized FAQ page that provides your customers with answers to all their burning questions. Or, create an “about us” page that helps your fans connect with your brand. It’s not just easy – it’s also a lot of fun!

What are the best Shopify page builders for your store?

With plenty of Shopify page editor options to choose from, how do you know which is best for your store? To a certain extent, it depends on your personal needs and preferences. If your store already features a lot of apps, you need to make sure your page builder offers compatibility with other apps. If you have a lot of product images, go for a page builder with image compression and loading speed features. Because it’s impossible to quickly learn the ins and outs of each Shopify page builder, we’ve made a list of the 5 best options, depending on your needs:

1. PageFly

PageFly is a Shopify page builder that allows you to create SEO-centric landing pages, product pages, and FAQ pages. It’s extremely versatile, has great user ratings, and will give your store a truly professional look. PageFly is an incredibly popular Shopify page builder and is highly intuitive and easy to navigate.

shopify page builder
Top features:

2. GemPages

GemPages flexible page builder is a Shopify page editor that sells itself on being the most user-friendly Shopify page builder. This page builder utilizes drag-and-drop techniques that allow you to design and bring to life a highly professional-looking store with no coding experience. GemPages can be used for landing pages, product pages, homepages, blog posts, FAQ pages, and pretty much any other page you wish to feature in your store.

shopify page builder
Top features:

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3. Shogun

Shogun Landing Page Builder is another of the drag-and-drop Shopify page templates that’s designed to increase your conversions, drive more traffic to your site, and captivate your customers. Shogun allows you to not only build new pages, but also edit the ones you already have. This page builder has over 24 elements and tools for A/B testing and measuring performance, and is suitable for creating mobile-first homepages, product pages, blog posts, about us pages, sales funnels, and more.

shopify page builder
Top features:

4. LayoutHub

LayoutHub easy page builder uses block templates to create your pages. This app is perfect for Shopify beginners and has an extremely intuitive interface as well as pre-built templates for complete pages. Use the blocks to control the layout and structure of each page in your store, or skip the hard work and simply use one of the sleek pre-made templates on offer.

shopify page builder
Top features:

5. Hypervisual Page Builder

Want a Shopify page builder that lets your products do the talking? Hypervisual Page Builder allows you to create stunning landing and product pages with a few simple clicks. Use large images to highlight your product’s key features, and embed videos wherever you like – your store certainly won’t look like it’s been built from a template. Images will expand to fit the available space, and you can also limit their size if desired.

shopify page builder
Top features:

How do you make the most of a Shopify Page Builder?

Designing an eye-catching, unique store that will help to sell your products is a large task, but it’s just part of what you need for a successful e-commerce store. Once you have an engaging landing page, captivating product pages, the perfect About Us page, and whatever else your store needs – it’s time to make sure it can sell your products. One of the best ways to do this is to add upselling apps to your newly-designed Shopify store.

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