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Shopify Multiple Discounts: Stack Shopify Discounts + PickyStory Deals

Shopify multiple discounts: Nothing makes the heart of a serial shopper beat faster than the word “discount”. It’s enough to stop them in their tracks. It’s not just shoppers who can benefit from discounts – merchants can use discounts to increase traffic, encourage their customers to buy more, and help keep their inventory ticking over. 

Customers are always looking for ways to maximize their savings when they visit your store. Many visitors will search through their email looking for a recent discount offer they received as they browse your sale collection. Adding as many discounts as possible is a goal that many shoppers are trying to achieve. 

However, if you are running your e-commerce store through Shopify, you may not get to enjoy the benefits of stacking multiple discounts. 

What's the deal with using multiple discounts on Shopify?

On Shopify, stacking multiple discounts together is not possible. This means that if you have a 15% discount, you can’t take advantage of the free shipping coupon on the same order.

This policy affects automatic discounts as well. So, say a product gets an automatic discount of 20%. Shoppers can’t manually add a discount code such as a free shipping code when checking out. Shopify would override the manual discount and let the automatic discount go through.

Gift cards are also considered a discount and cannot be used together with discount codes. So if you are eligible for a gift card of $50, you can’t also use a free shipping discount or another discount that marks off a percentage of the price. 

Also, multiple discount codes aren’t allowed on Shopify. This restriction makes it difficult to develop a flexible discount pricing strategy. But all hope is not lost. PickyStory has a solution that allows you to stack PickyStory discount codes with a manual code entered by your customers!

Using PickyStory to apply multiple Shopify discounts

PickyStory’s new discount code feature has made it very straightforward to combine a discount generated through a PickyStory deal with a storewide discount coupon created in the PickyStory app. What’s more, you can also use this feature to ensure that your customers are able to stack multiple PickyStory deals together. A combo product discount can be applied with a bundle discount, and the final price at checkout will reflect all combined discounts automatically. 

If you’re wondering how to use this new feature to allow your customers to stack discounts, follow the steps below. We’ve also created this guide that explains each of the steps you need to use PickyStory as a multiple automatic discounts Shopify app. 

First, open your PickyStory app and navigate to “Deals” >> “Coupons” and click on “Add new coupon”


Give your coupon a name (for your reference), set discount parameters, and add the code that will be displayed at checkout

shopify multiple discounts


Enable your coupon and add it to a campaign


Test the coupon code by adding a PickyStory deal (with a discount) to the cart

shopify multiple discounts


On the cart page, add the discount code you created earlier and click on “APPLY.”


Continue to checkout to view the discount applied to the whole order.

shopify multiple discounts

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

What are the benefits of using Shopify multiple discounts With PickyStory?

PickyStory lets you combine multiple discount Shopify codes with PickyStory deals. This seamless process allows your customers to benefit from every savings and save more when they visit your store, especially if you are using PickyStory to upsell on Shopify.

Behind the scenes, PickyStory calculates every saving automatically, so all your customers need to do is shop, and manually enter the code you have associated with your storewide discount. 

This means that your customers can make the most of the discounts you are offering on your product pages and elsewhere across your store, enter their own discount code on the cart page to apply even more savings, and see it all come together in the checkout. This seemingly small development will enhance customer satisfaction, which will reduce the cart abandonment rate and generate more sales in your store.

Who should use Shopify multiple discounts?

Retailers now view discounts as a powerful tool for driving sales. They do this by giving huge discounts to introduce new products, increase traffic to online stores, and attract new customers. Also, shoppers can also make monetary benefits from stacking discounts in the form of weekly deals and coupons. 

Whether you have an established customer base on Shopify, or you’re just getting started and looking to attract traffic to your store, stacking discounts is a great way to do so. Existing customers will love that they can now combine discounts, and new customers will be impressed by how seamless your checkout experience has become with a single, all-encompassing discount applied to their order. 

Examples of stacking multiple Shopify discounts

Offering discounts might just be the weapon you need to drive customer loyalty and conversions. Here are just a few ideas in which you can use this new functionality to generate more traffic to your store and increase your conversion rates.

#1 Holiday season sale

During the holiday season, many consumers increase their spending to account for the gift-giving season. However, they are usually looking for deals and discounts along the way, as all those purchases start to add up. Offering your customers a holiday season coupon code that can be combined with other deals is a great way to ensure they choose your store over a competitor. 

Email out a special holidays discount code to your customers, which they can use alongside the gift baskets and bundles you have created with PickyStory. You can enable and disable your discount code through the PickyStory app, so it’s active exactly when you need it to be, and inactive whenever you choose to end a given promotion. 

#2 Refer-a-friend campaign

Discounts directed towards first-time customers are a great way to ensure more of your traffic results in conversions. Making the first sale to a customer is always the hardest, so enticing them with a special discount code is a great way to get some new visitors hooked on your brand. 

Offering a welcome discount or some sort of incentive for signing up for emails is also an effective discount strategy. You can use this technique to generate more subscribers and expand your marketing reach, which is helpful when it comes to running future promotions. 

#3 First-time customer/welcome discount

Potential customers are more likely to buy from you if referred by a loved one. Personal referrals are an exceptional way of building social proof for your brand, which is critical to your e-commerce success. Capitalize on this and leverage offers to promote referrals. You can choose to give discounts to the new customer, the existing customer who is referring them, or both!

One of the easiest ways to set up this system is with a unique discount code. Only those eligible via the referral program will have the code, which can then be applied to their order, alongside their existing discounts. 

Use PickyStory to offer Shopify multiple discounts

A lot of people choose to shop around for a discount to save money. And there are no better means to draw new customers than allowing them to spend less on a product. To increase the impact of your offer, you can allow your customer to combine multiple discounts to save even more!

With PickyStory, you can seamlessly stack Shopify multiple discounts, and even combine deal discounts with a separate Shopify discount code, resulting in many happy customers. Create your first coupon in PickyStory today to see just how easy it is. 

Have fun!

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