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Shopify International Sales: How to Sell Abroad (Generate New Revenue)

Shopify international sales: E-commerce is a sphere where its owners should be always active and keep abreast of events. You build a marketing strategy, spend time for optimization, and over time you reach your aims and earn consistently. But a moment appears when you are ready to move on and open new markets for your Shopify store.

Shopify international sales require more effort and preparation. At the beginning of your globalization process, you must take a number of measures. For example, you should optimize your Shopify store, create a marketing strategy, create a clear content, etc. Let’s consider these measures closer in this article.

Shopify international sales: Optimize your store

Examine your target audience

So, you decided to sell abroad and you selected target countries. It will sound obvious, but you should examine your target audience. People all over the world are different. The foreign target audience will differ from your local audience by culture, traditions, beliefs, behavior, etc. Therefore, you should learn about them from a closer perspective.

For example, global brands usually change the names of their products depending on the country of sale. The name of the brand or its product may sound bad in another language or even have an unpleasant meaning. The same applies to the logo, pictures, and slogans.

By the way, pay attention to the language(s) that people speak in the target country. Is there one or more official languages? For example, in India, every region has its dialect. While translating the store, you should choose not only Hindi or Urdu.

A good idea is to communicate with local agencies or professionals. They are representatives of the country and know its peculiarities like no one else.

These moments are part of the localization process, which we will elaborate on later in this article. Now, let’s consider the next condition you should take into account for successful Shopify international sales.

Add payment methods

You should think about the technical convenience of your customers. Firstly, research the currencies and preferred purchasing preferences of the local audience. There are multiple payment systems in the world. Look for those who have a strong reputation, because they can provide data security, purchase protection, and ease of use on multiple devices. Also, notice that not all of them are supported by this or that country.

To get revenue from overseas without problems, examine what payment systems are used by customers from your target country. Add them to your store and international sales will be performed without problems and delays.

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Translate and localize your Shopify store

Well, now when all preparations are ready, it’s time to think about content. That’s the first thing that customers see when they visit your store. It can affect Shopify international sales revenue significantly.

Needless to say – the content should be as clear as possible for visitors. Even if your website has an English version (or it’s the only version), you still run the risk of scaring off potential customers.

According to the research, 59% of potential customers rarely or never buy from English-only sites. Fifty-nine per cents…that’s a lot, isn’t it? To avoid such a situation, you should translate the Shopify store into the local languages of your customers and localize it.

A translation tool for Shopify stores

For example, you can use Translate & Currency – LangShop app. This translation service has long established itself in the Shopify App Store.

shopify international sales
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/langshop

With the LangShop help, you can translate your Shopify store into 241 languages. No Shopify app provides such a list of supported languages. All the world is open to you.

Thanks to LangShop you can translate 100% of the content without limitations for words or pageviews: products, collections, navigation menu, checkout, privacy policy, notifications, third-party apps content, etc. Everything that exists in your store can be translated if you use LangShop.

You need just 3 steps to launch the translation process. You select target languages, categories, and click Next. After these steps, the automatic translation will be launched. That’s so easy, isn’t it? Multiple translation drives will be used for creating multilingual content for your website (Google Translate, Yandex Translate, Bing, Baidu, Watsons, etc.). The app is also integrated with Google Professional and DeepL.

That’s great if you know the language into which you translate because you can edit translations manually. For the most demanded merchant who requires a 100% quality result, the app provides the human professional translation.

Localize store for local markets

Localization of the Shopify store requires a separate article. We talked about it in the first paragraph, but the topic is so wide that one article is not enough. Anyway, as far as the LangShop app provides some localization features, we will consider situations where LangShop can help.

Besides that, the localization also includes the usage of different pictures and colors. For instance, Blue color is considered a female color in China. The opposite situation is in Western countries. Photos with half-naked models won’t be appropriate in Arabic countries.

As you see, even small details matter. So, be careful and learn more about the target audience.

Use product bundles and kits to increase Shopify international sales

Another key part of making your shop successful internationally is putting your focus on the products themselves. Once optimizing your store and attracting international customers, your next goal should be to make them stay.

Product bundles and kits are key upsell tools for achieving that goal. Upselling is the art of offering your customers to purchase multiple items in one ‘bundle’ for a discounted price. This lets you enhance your selling process with your existing customers, rather than spending extra effort on acquiring new ones. That could be up to 25% more expensive.

Source: try.pickystory.com

PickyStory is a Shopify app that allows you to sell products together in your international stores. With PickyStory, you can present your global customers with product bundles and kits that they can immediately add to their cart. You can offer bundles with local items that are frequently bought together (do your local research before) or bundles of recommended products based on your store’s history data. Take advantage of Shop the Look bundles to inspire international audiences with your unique set of products or use Product Kits offering to sell multiple items with tiered pricing. PickyStory provides multiple options.

Selling products together is an efficient way to increase Shopify international sales. With global eCommerce being a vastly growing field, using upsell tactics is an effective way to generate new revenue in your international stores and gain loyal customers from across the border.

Also, PickyStory integrates automatically with your store, making this process smooth and easy.

Growing Shopify international sales (conclusion)

Expanding your Shopify business to international sales is a serious undertaking. You should plan your actions carefully. It’s better to think twice before you do something. There are tons of information on the Internet and there are multiple solutions that can simplify your work. One of them is LangShop. With this service translation and localization of the Shopify store became easier than never before.

Of course, it requires additional efforts and payments. However, over time it will pay off several times and bring you benefits.

So, firstly, define potential barriers to selling abroad and start to overcome them. Once you have a translation, currency conversion, and localization app, the expansion will be easy. When your Shopify store is ready, publish it and start selling.

If you are aiming to go global for international sales, we hope advice and solutions from this article will help you understand what Shopify is and how its tools can benefit your international growth.

Have fun!

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