Shopify Gallery: How to add to your store and best practices (+ examples)

A Shopify gallery is a simple way to better engage and upsell/cross-sell to your customers. By creating a gallery page, customers can view inspiring images of product collections, giving them a better idea of what your brand is all about

If you’re wondering how to go about adding a gallery section to your store, you’re in the right place. This article has everything you need to know about Shopify galleries and how they can work for your store.

What is a Shopify gallery?

A Shopify gallery displays images of collections of your products and can be added to any page of your Shopify store. You can create a Shopify photo gallery where customers can view your products, or a Shopify shoppable gallery where customers are encouraged to look at collections of products, or inspired to view shoppable looks.

Here’s a great example of a shoppable Shopify gallery from New Edition Fashion. Customers can browse through the various looks and choose the outfit they like the most. 

shopify gallery

When a customer clicks on their favorite outfit, they see the components broken down into individual products and can add them all to their cart. One of the major advantages of this is that it’s easy for a customer to add more products without having to navigate to the product page for a shirt, then the product page for a belt, then a jacket, and so on. This technique often results in a larger sale, and more revenue for you.  

shopify gallery

Who Should Add a Shopify Gallery?

Just about any store can benefit from the addition of a Shopify gallery. Not only does a gallery make it easier for customers to browse your products and find items they’re interested in, but it can also increase sales. 

Galleries promote upselling and cross-selling by encouraging customers to pair or bundle items, or view shoppable looks made up of multiple products customers can add to their cart for a complete look. Here are four industry-specific examples of Shopify galleries in action.

#1 Shopify Gallery for Fashion Stores

shopify gallery

This is one of the most effective (and cutest!) uses of a Shopify gallery plugin when it comes to fashion. Customers can browse these beautiful pictures of adorable babies all decked out in their MarMar Copenhagen attire. Once your customers find a look that suits their style, they can Shop the Look and easily add the entire outfit to their cart.


It’s simple to see how this Shopify gallery page template could be applied to any online fashion store. It allows you to easily encourage your customers to add shoppable looks to their cart, whether it be swimsuits and sunglasses, or pantsuits designed for office wear. Customizing features such as size, color, and quantity makes it even easier for customers to add multiple items to their cart without leaving the page they are on.

#2 Shopify Gallery for Home Design Stores

shopify gallery

As you can see, Arthouse Co has created a beautiful Shopify art gallery where customers can browse available artworks in different settings and styles. Once a certain look catches their eye, customers can simply click on the look they are interested in to view a popup where they can customize sizing and frame options. Once they’ve made these selections, the whole look can be added to their cart in a few simple clicks.

shopify gallery

When it comes to home design, customers are often shopping with a specific look in mind. Adding a gallery for Shopify makes it easy for your customers to find exactly what they are looking for, and also allows them to visualize how well certain items (like a sofa and a lamp, or a matching vase and candle set) can pair together. A Shopify gallery shows your customers the entire look and increases cart value when they opt to purchase matching, related products.

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#3 Shopify Gallery for Beauty Stores

shopify gallery

Wondering how to make your beauty products sell themselves? Lula Fox has an idea – show your customers the completed look rather than the products themselves. In this gallery, they arrange their products into groups of “essentials” to help their customers find everything they need to complete a whole makeover. Once a customer finds the look they’re going for, they can easily add all of their separate components to their cart at once.


E-commerce stores in the beauty industry typically have large product catalogs that can be difficult for customers to navigate. Adding a Shopify shoppable gallery helps customers to not only find the product they were looking for (for example, foundation), but also to browse related items (like concealer, brushes, lip gloss, primer, and more). It’s a simple yet highly effective upselling strategy that gently points customers in the direction of related products to help them complete their look.

#4 Jewelry

shopify gallery

LINK Necklaces has used a Shopify gallery page to make upselling easy, and you can too! Show your customers matching necklace and bracelet sets, or matching engagement and wedding rings. Allow them to find a look that suits their style, make it easy to customize items, and watch as each customer’s cart value increases. 

Creating your first Shopify gallery? Keep these 5 important features in mind

Although creating a gallery for Shopify may seem fairly straightforward, there are definitely a few things you can do to make your gallery more effective and enticing for your customers. Here are five questions you should answer before jumping into your first gallery.

#1 Where will your Shopify gallery be located?

You can add a gallery to a Shopify page you have created specifically for the gallery, or place it front and center on your home page. You can even feature your gallery on your blog or a product page. Take into consideration the current design of your store and think about where to add your gallery page on Shopify so that your customers can easily find it and browse your offerings.

#2 What will the theme of your Shopify gallery?

It goes without saying that you need to group matching items in your gallery, but how will you create a Shopify gallery theme? Think about how your products naturally group together – can you base your gallery on product collections/styles? Would a seasonal gallery work best for you? Think about the different themes or features your customers might be looking for and create a gallery that offers something for everyone.

#3 How will you create an experience for your customers?

With the rapid growth of e-commerce over the last several years, just about anyone can jump on Amazon and find a product they need. You need to create more than that for your customers – you need to engage them by making a visit to your Shopify store memorable. A well-designed Shopify shoppable gallery can do just that; your customers can explore different looks and enjoy a more personalized, “in-store” experience that will keep them coming back for more.

#4 Will your images do your products justice?

Remember that your customers can’t touch, hold, smell, or try on your products – all they have are the product images on your store. While it’s important to have high-resolution, quality images right across your Shopify store, it’s especially important when it comes to your Shopify photo gallery. This is your chance to captivate your customers – make sure your images are vibrant, artistic, and show each important detail of your products.

#5 What discounts can you use to motivate your customers?

Everyone loves a bargain! One of the best things about a Shopify shoppable gallery is that you can encourage your customers even further to add a whole look to their cart by offering discounts or incentives when related products are purchased together. You increase cart value and your customers feel like they’re getting a great deal – everyone wins.

How to create a Shopify gallery with PickyStory

Creating a Shopify gallery with PickyStory is as simple as adding a new product to your Shopify store. Here is how you can add a shoppable gallery with PickyStory in three simple steps, using PickyStory’s Shopify gallery template:

1. Create a new deal group for your looks

Go to the PickyStory app and navigate to Deal groups. Click on the purple “Create deal group” button:

Name your deal group and select “Shop the Look” as the Shopify gallery template:

2. Upload an image for your look

This will be the image that’s displayed in the gallery. If you have an image that displays all of the products included in the look – perfect! You can also set up an (optional) discount for your look:

3. Add products

Add products to your look:

4. Choose where to display your look

Choose which page(s) of your store your look is displayed on (product page, homepage, custom, etc.):

5. Choose to display your look as a gallery

Scroll down to the “Widget” section and select “Gallery”. Next, position the gallery widget on the page:

6. Position the gallery widget on the page

Drop the widget to the part of the page where you want to display it:

7. Enable your campaign and view it in your store

That’s it! You’re about to generate some new sales.

Use a Shopify gallery to increase cart value from each customer

Whether it’s a new outfit for the office or décor to rejuvenate their living room, your customers will love the opportunity to shop a specific look and add all the relevant items to their cart. Using a Shopify image gallery app like PickyStory to create a stunning gallery for your store will lead to increased cart value and happier customers.

Find recommended apps on the PickyStory blog.

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