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Shopify Featured Products: How-to Use Featured Products & Featured Collections

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Shopify featured products: There are various ways you can improve your Shopify store’s performance. For instance, you can increase your advertising revenue across platforms such as social media, email, and even print advertising. You can also look at the layout of your store, and the customer’s journey through your store, and optimize accordingly.

Using featured products is a highly effective way of enticing your customers to discover new products. Often, featured products are items your customers hadn’t thought about purchasing. But once your customers discover these items, they may be compelled to make a purchase.

In this discussion, we will take a look at how you can use Shopify featured products to boost your store’s performance and add to your bottom line.

What are Shopify Featured Products?

Featured products are specific items your shop highlights, typically on the homepage but also elsewhere. When a customer enters your storefront, featured products can welcome them front-and-center on your homepage. The products you list here depend on your store’s strategy. 

For instance, you may have clearance items you want to showcase. Or, your shop may have brand-new items you want customers to discover. Your shop may also feature best-sellers on the homepage. This approach intends to capitalize on products’ popularity to continue driving sales.

On the whole, featured products aim to give customers something new to discover. Consider this situation:

A customer comes into your food and beverage shop. They want to purchase a popular candy bar. When they enter your e-commerce site, they find the featured products recommendations. These recommendations showcase various types of foods and beverages. The customer wanted a candy bar, but now they see there’s a lot more on offer. Consequently, your site’s featured products compel them to purchase something else.

What are the Benefits of Shopify Featured Products?

The clearest benefit of using featured products is improved performance through greater sales figures. However, there are other benefits your Shopify store can derive from using featured products.

#1 Improved product visibility

You can improve product visibility by including specific products in your featured products. For instance, you discover that certain items don’t get as many views as others. Consequently, you move them into the featured products category to give them more visibility. This tactic aims to increase customer visits and eventually sales.

#2 Product positioning

Shopify featured products help best-sellers position themselves on your e-commerce site. For example, your top items can remain on the homepage to give customers quick access. In doing so, you cut down on the time they need to find the right product and make a quick purchase.

#3 Improved store revenue

When sales increase, so does revenue. Using Shopify featured products helps boost your e-commerce site’s revenue. In turn, increased revenue helps improve your overall bottom line. Moreover, using featured products helps boost your profitability, ensuring your site’s continued growth.

Indeed, featured products provide you with a strategy that delivers consistent results. This strategy will quickly become one of your go-to options to continue driving your Shopify store’s success.

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What is the Difference Between Featured Products and Related Products?

It’s common to find e-commerce site’s using “related” or “recommended” products to entice customer upselling and cross-selling. However, there is a significant difference between related or recommended products and Shopify featured products.

Firstly, related products usually appear after a customer has clicked on an item. Once the item displays, the site shows products similar to or related to the viewed item. Messages like “customers who bought this item also bought” or “other users have viewed this item” appear on the screen. 

Secondly, related or recommended items appear at checkout. When a customer is ready to pay for purchases, the store displays other product recommendations. However, adding too many suggestions at checkout may be counterproductive as it may discourage the customer from finishing their purchase.

Lastly, related products don’t always appear on the homepage. This characteristic means that related products may not always be visible to customers.

Featured products to allow you to showcase the products you want your customers to see. Therefore, placing them on the homepage, particularly in a featured collection, allows your customers to see the products you want them to see. In doing so, you can ensure customers see what you want them to see.

How can you Choose Which Products to Feature?

Choosing which products to feature comes down to the following criteria:

Sales. You can choose to feature best-sellers or slow-selling items. Featuring best-sellers ensures your customers continue purchasing your Shopify store’s most popular items. Featuring slow-sellers gives these products the boost they need to start selling consistently.

Categories. You can group products into categories. These categories are “collections” in your Shopify store. Grouping products into categories helps your customers explore various items that relate to each other.

Price. You can also group similarly-priced items. For example, you can group shoes by a specific price range. Therefore, customers can choose the options they like based on a specified price range.

Discounts. A popular approach is to feature items by discount. For instance, discounted items due to change of seasons, low remaining stock, or slow sellers can be part of your Shopify featured products. 

Clearance. For some shops, including clearance items in their Shopify featured products helps move them out of their inventory.

Newcomers. Featuring new items is always a good way to spark interest, especially if it’s the first time you introduce these products. Additionally, long-awaited items can sell very well when you feature them on your homepage.

Overall, the aim is to ensure that your Shopify featured products highlight the value your Shopify store has to offer. So, finding the right mix of featured products will enable your shop to drive sales and increase profitability

Where can you display a featured product collection?

You can display a Shopify featured products collection in virtually any part of your site. However, there are some places which are much better than others. So, let’s take a look at the top three spots where you can display your Shopify featured products collections.

#1 Homepage displays

Indeed, the best place to display Shopify featured products is the homepage. There, you can showcase the most important products you want your customers to find. However, please be careful to avoid cluttering the homepage. Having multiple collection displays can confuse customers to choose a collection. 

Alternatively, displaying multiple collections as customers scroll down enables you to display various collections. However, be sure to place the most important ones at the top. For example, you can place clearance items first and leave the best-sellers closer to the bottom.

shopify featured products
Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/dawn/styles/default/preview

#2 Individual categories on a sidebar

A great alternative when displaying multiple collections is to list them in a sidebar on the homepage. The sidebar, usually to the left, allows customers to click on any collection in your shop. This approach allows you to draw attention to the items you wish to showcase.

#3 Individual product pages

Another great approach to showcase Shopify featured products is to add them to your existing product pages. On these pages, you can show off several products that your customers may be interested in, to keep them browsing in your store for longer.

Source: kkwfragrance.com

Generally, it’s best to provide customers with a clean look at product collections. This process enables customers to select products without being overwhelmed by a large display of products.

How can you Add Products to a Shopify Featured Collection?

You can easily add Shopify featured collections to your homepage or any other page. Here is how to add products to a featured collection on Shopify:

1. First, log into your Shopify store’s admin panel

2. Then, go to the “online store” tab and click on “themes”

3. Next, press the “customize” button

4. Now, you can choose the options that appear in the “layout” section

5. Once in the layout section, you will find the “featured products” section

6. There, you will find the “homepage products collection” option. This option will enable you to place a collection on the homepage

7. After, a drop-down menu will allow you to choose any of your current collections to display on the homepage

8. Lastly, click on “save.”

Now that you know how to add featured products on Shopify, you are ready to feature any collection you want on your homepage. 

Note: Make sure your Shopify collections are SEO friendly, to improve search visibility. 

How to Change or Edit Featured Products on Shopify?

Just like creating a featured products section on Shopify, changing or editing your featured products is a fairly straightforward process. Here’s how to do it: 

1. Start in your Shopify admin. Navigate to Products > Collections

2. Navigate to the collection that you want to change

3. Update the featured product’s image, or upload one by clicking “upload”

4. Save your changes

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While featured products are great for increasing your customers’ exposure to items of your choosing, it’s also powerful to have the ability to create bundles of these products and display them as deals to your customers. With PickyStory, you can do exactly that. 

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Summing up

Using Shopify featured products to boost sales and increase profitability is a sure-fire way of making your Shopify store’s performance meet or exceed expectations. Best of all, using Shopify featured products is quick and simple. You don’t need any special IT skills to do it. So, be sure to give this great strategy a try. 

Plus, you will find a winning formula using PickyStory alongside featured products, to offer more deals and options to your customers. There is no limit to what your Shopify store can do with this combination!

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