Shopify Customization App: 7 Top Apps for Product + Store Customizations

Shopify customization app: In today’s highly competitive business landscape, differentiating your brand from the competition is a must. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it. Your brand needs to stand out among its competitors. Thus, customizing your customers’ experience will make your Shopify store stand above the rest.

Customizing your Shopify store doesn’t have to be a complex endeavor. You can easily customize your Shopify store with the seven best Shopify apps for store customization. These product customizer apps Shopify offers will integrate your brand’s identity into your store. 

So, let’s find out how customizing your Shopify store will keep your customers coming back!

What is a Shopify customization app?

In essence, customization consists of tailoring product and store features to suit individual customer tastes and expectations. Shopify product and store customization boil down to two main aspects: product and store customization.

Product customization consists of fulfilling customers’ specific needs. For example, customers may seek special sizes, designs, or add-ons to the product. Also, product customization may extend to creating custom-order products with mix-and-match specifications.

On the flip side, store customization refers to services customers can tweak to meet their needs and expectations. For instance, gift wrapping and messaging services, specific delivery times and conditions, special pricing and shipping for overseas customers, and even displaying certain items based on region constitute store customization.

Please remember that your store’s ability to deliver high-quality, specialized attention will greatly contribute to your brand standing head and shoulders above the competition.

What are the benefits of a Shopify customization app?

Shopify product customization offers several key benefits such as:

On the whole, Shopify product customization improves your store’s performance by offering something that your competitors aren’t. Your customers will recognize and remember this, helping strengthen brand loyalty for your store.

The 7 best Shopify customization apps

When looking to boost your Shopify product customization, you must use the most suitable Shopify apps at your disposal. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

#1 Shopify customization app: Product Options and Customizer

Our first Shopify product customization app is Product Options and Customizer by Product Customizer. This product customization app focuses on providing an unlimited number of customization options such as color variations, image swaps, calendar dates, drop-down menus, text boxes, checkboxes, and file upload areas. The customization options allow your shop to offer customers precisely what they want easily and seamlessly. This customization app blows past Shopify’s default three-option customization limit. Plus, your store can drive revenue by improving upcharges on specific product customization features.

Shopify customization app

Top features:

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#2 Shopify customization app: Custom Price Calculator

Calculating a specific price for custom items can be tricky. Custom Price Calculator by ApiPPA solves that issue. This Shopify product customizer app helps your store produce accurate pricing for custom items. The calculator automatically calculates and re-calculates prices based on customer inputs. Customers can choose whatever size or quantity they need and get a live quote. This great Shopify customization app can go on your product page without the need for coding. This great customization app will help drive your store’s revenue by upselling customized features.

Shopify customization app

Top features:

#3 Shopify customization app: Personalized Image Uploader

If your Shopify store needs a robust image customization function, Personalize Image Uploader by Little Besides Me is your go-to choice. This great Shopify customization app allows customers easy image file uploading. Moreover, Personalized Image Uploader facilitates text input for easy order completion. Your customer can quickly provide their image files as part of a smooth transaction process.

Shopify customization app

Top features:

#4 Dynamic Product Options

A highly customized Shopify store requires a solid pricing calculator. Dynamic Product Options by ITORIS does that and then some. Dynamic Product Options helps Shopify stores manage their customization options. In particular, this Shopify customization app handles all custom options like color and image swaps, specific quantities, and individual product features. Moreover, this customization app allows you to calculate pricing based on unique options, price tiers, one-time fees, and even absolute pricing.

Shopify customization app

Top features:

#5 Shopify customization app: Sticky Add to Cart BOOSTER PRO

If you’re looking to facilitate your customers’ checkout experience, look no further. Sticky Add to Cart BOOSTER PRO is a Shopify customization app that makes it easy for customers to check out at any time. This Shopify customization app acts as a floating shopping cart, visible on every product page. With this feature, customers can browse your store’s product selection without needing to go to a separate page to check out. You can easily increase conversions and upsell with this great Shopify customization app.

Shopify customization app

Top features:

#6: Magic Zoom Plus

Magic Zoom Plus by Magic Toolbox is a Shopify customization app that allows your customers to enhance your product’s visuals. With this Shopify customization app, your product’s high-quality images magnify beautifully. Customers can easily hover over product images to get an improved view of product features. This apps boasts great integration with YouTube and Vimeo videos to complement the browsing experience.

Top features:

#7 Wrapin – Gift Wrap & Options

No store and product customization would be complete without gift wrapping and messaging options. With Wrapin by Prezen Tech, you can customize your Shopify store so your customers can add specialized gift wrapping and messaging to their purchases. This Shopify customization app allows upselling by boosting gift customization options. Your store can include free and paid gift wrapping and messaging options. Customers can consist of any type of customized message they wish.

Top features:

Build custom bundles with PickyStory

PickyStory helps you take product customization to the next level by allowing your customers to build their own bundles. Display a variety of products for your customers to choose from, then let them select their favorite products to put together a custom-built bundle. 

You can also customize your store with a beautiful, shoppable gallery, using PickyStory’s Shop the Look. Inspire your customers with gorgeous images of several of your products in action, then make it easy for them to add each of those products to their cart – in just one click! PickyStory both makes it easy to generate more revenue and create a beautiful and unique shopping experience for your customers.

Shopify customization app: Stand out from the crowd

Product and store customization are highly effective ways your Shopify store can boost sales and drive profitability. By utilizing these great Shopify customization apps, your brand can leverage customers’ needs and wants to upsell and create greater engagement.

These Shopify customization apps offer free trial options. You can try them out and choose the ones that provide your Shopify store the capabilities it needs to serve customers best. 

If you’re looking for more recommendations from the Shopify app store, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

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