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Best 10 Clean Shopify Themes for Your Store [2023]

You can never underestimate the power of a clean and minimalist online store. A clean Shopify theme can help you look professional and keep your customers focused on your offerings.

But then, choosing a clean Shopify theme can be challenging. Some themes aren’t modern, while others have better support options. 

But no worries, we’ve done the hard work for you! We’ve listed top Shopify clean themes you can use right now to make your store uniquely yours in 2023. 

But first, let’s discuss the basics.

What is a Clean Shopify Theme?

While all Shopify themes are designed as templates for your website, clean themes are created with simplicity in mind. The intent here is to use fewer effects and decoration — to make your site look ‘clean.’

While each clean theme has unique styles and layout, you can customize it to suit your brand. For instance, if you’re selling fashion items, you might want to remove the fluff and frills so your shoppers can focus on the products. Using a clean Shopify theme will help you do just that.

What are the Benefits of a Clean Shopify Theme?

Shopify clean themes offer an easy way for online store owners to design their websites without much stress. Here are some advantages of clean themes:

It highlights your products: A Shopify clean theme shows what your website or store is all about at first glance! So if you want readers or buyers to stay focused on your products, consider using a clean Shopify theme.

It delivers a great experience: With Shopify clean themes, you can offer your customers a good experience that will influence them to keep buying. 

Your pages should load quickly: Fewer elements let a webpage load quicker. Clean themes also have optimized code that enhances your site’s performance greatly.

It’s beautifully simple: Having a simple website design helps give a clutter-free look. Simplicity removes distractions and allows for quicker access to your content.

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What to Look For in a Clean Shopify Theme?

When building an e-commerce store, you want it to be clean, attractive, organized, user-friendly, and compatible with all devices. 

There are countless Shopify clean themes available. But the problem is choosing the one that is right for your business. Here are the things to look out for in a clean theme:

With all these in mind, let’s take a look at the top 10 clean Shopify themes for 2023.

The 10 Best Clean Shopify Themes For Your Store

Theme Name


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#1 Boundless

Boundless is an all-in-one clean Shopify theme. It includes ready-made templates for creating any store. Regardless of business interest, you can always get a template that meets your needs. 

Furthermore, this multipurpose clean Shopify theme provides the most comfortable and creative design that will appeal to your customers. And, it is designed to meet the latest trends in web development. 

Boundless includes all necessary elements required for the proper functioning of modern online stores. It is user-friendly. You won’t have a problem with its functionality and speed. All items on its pages download quickly. This is very important for your customers.

Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/boundless/styles/black-white

Top features:

#2 Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a free Shopify theme, making it a great choice for merchants who are just getting started or on a tight budget. Despite being free to use, Brooklyn comes with a great suite of features and has a lovely clean design that ensures the focus is solely on your products. 

clean and simple shopify theme
Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/brooklyn/styles/classic

Top features:

#3 Pacific

Pacific comes with a lot of features, including animations and videos. It is a beautiful and minimal Shopify theme perfect for creating an e-commerce store. It offers various options to choose the design that suits you better. 

With Pacific, you don’t need to code anyway. It is user-friendly, and you can easily change the default settings to your liking. 

Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/pacific/styles/bold

Top features:

#4 Fresh

Fresh is one of the best Shopify clean themes for food stores. It features drag-and-drop blocks to build custom pages all through your store without any coding. The layouts are responsive and compatible with modern web browsers. It provides an excellent shopping experience for your customers.

shopify clean theme
Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/fresh/styles/sweet

Top features:

#5 Simple

One of the best ways to make sure your Shopify store has a clean appearance is to keep the design simple. The best way to do that, of course, is with a theme that’s literally called Simple. 

Simple is another free theme from Shopify, but it has all the essentials included. If you’re looking for a basic, barebones theme that puts your products front and center, check this one out. 

best clean themes for shopify
Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/simple/styles/light

Top features:

#6 Minimal

Just as the name implies – minimal! Minimal offers a minimal and clean design that focuses on your products. It includes amazing ready-to-use templates. Its excellent customization features will enable you to create several eCommerce websites effortlessly.   

Similarly, minimal comes with a variety of layouts. It comes with all and more: from shop pages home designs to a full-blown blog section.

Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/minimal/styles/vintage

Top features:

#7 Story

Story is a minimal Shopify clean theme best suitable for brands looking to sell using storytelling. Whether you’re a new or established brand, Story will fit your business effortlessly. 

It has three different styles that cover various objectives. Several predefined templates you can choose from. And you can also personalize Story comfortably. The layouts are pretty easy to modify; even a little child won’t have a problem doing it. 

shopify clean theme
Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/story/styles/quest

Top features:

#8 Startup

Not all shop owners push many products to their customers. Some only focus on making one product the best of the best. Startup is a Shopify clean theme perfect for single-product stores. 

Startup provides stores with a theme that helps them market on the internet successfully. It has four different samples. And they fit anything from tech, clothing, travel, and home items.

shopify clean theme
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/amazon-to-shopify

Top features:

#9 Handy

When it comes to simplicity and minimalism, Handy is in a world of its own. This clean Shopify theme includes great features that give excellent outcomes. 

You can use Handy to sell different things online, especially fashion, beauty, and toy items. Also, you can modify Handy to suit your business needs easily.

Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/handy/styles/cool

Top features:

#10 Spark

Spark is a highly versatile and clean Shopify theme that’s suitable for everyone from direct to consumer brands to dropshippers. If you’re just starting out with Shopify, Spark is a great choice because it’s easy to set up and will enable you to start selling online as soon as you are ready. 

Spark’s clean design makes it perfect for beauty brands, as well as fashion brands and those in the health industry. It’s ideally suited to stores with small product catalogs, but can also handle high order volumes. 

best shopify themes with clean design
Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/spark/styles/chic

Top features:

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