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How to Use Shopify Bundle Discounts to Generate More Revenue

Every retailer wants to earn more revenue. And one of the best ways to do that is through the use of Shopify bundle discounts.

Shopify retailers can use bundles to offer great deals and discounts on a product. These discounts can be within a product type or based on the available products in store. So how do you leverage Shopify bundle discounts to generate more sales?

Well, in this article, we will detail how bundle discounts work. We will also highlight how to add discounts to your bundles, best practices, and lots more!

Let’s get rolling, shall we?

What is a Shopify bundle discount?

Many retailers use bundling as a strategy to sell different products at a package deal while offering shoppers a discount at the same time. They give that package to buyers at a lower price than it would cost to buy those products separately.

shopify bundle discounts
Source: pairofthieves.com

In the example above, Pair of Thieves have created a bundle of shirts, available at a discounted price of $80.97 when purchased together. This discount (the regular price being $89.98) incentivizes customers to buy the pack, resulting in a larger sale.

Who can benefit from bundle discounts?

Retailers across all industries can benefit from bundle discounts. We’ve seen cases where new competitors or poor engagement results in direct financial loss. Offering bundle discounts can help avert this loss and improve your bottom line. In essence, bundle discounts can help retailers boost engagements, sales, and your reputation.

Customers can also benefit from Shopify bundle discounts. When consumers buy bundle products, it’s easier to see the value of those products. In essence, customers enjoy the benefits of a range of products for a single sale price.

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What are the pros and cons of adding discounts to bundles?

Every bundle discounting strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. Though adding a discount to a bundle can help draw people into your store, you still need to apply caution. Here are some pros and this approach:

#1 Simplifies buying experience

Adding discounts typically motivates customers to buy your offering or use your services. Also, bundle discounts simplify the buying experience by decreasing the choices available. For that reason, your profit margins and sales may likely increase enormously.

#2 Increases sales

Some products do underperform. So, discounts can help increase the sale of low-performing products by combining them with best sellers.

#3 Lower marketing costs

We’ve established that adding discounts to bundles attracts more people to your store. This implies that you are marketing more products with the resources and efforts for one. So using Shopify bundle discounts as a strategy can help reduce marketing costs.

On the other side of the coin, here are some cons:

#1 Preference issues

Some shoppers value their ability to decide what they want. Adding a discount to bundled products takes that right away, which can affect their buying experience negatively.

#2 Attracting the wrong audience

Bundle discounts can attract buyers who just want a good bargain rather than those shoppers who actually value and are interested in your products. Also, it can establish bad precedents for the future.

#3 Negative expectations from Shopify bundle discounts

Repetitive bundle discounts can make your customers believe that your standard prices are a rip-off. Also, they can feel that you’re only worth patronizing when there’s an active discount. In either case, your customers may likely wait for the next bundle discount when you’re selling products at the regular price.

Types of Shopify bundle discounts

Depending on your specific needs and goals, there are several different types of discounts you can apply to your bundles. Let’s take a look at three options.

#1 Target price (sell bundle for a fixed price)

The target price approach offers a fixed discount for buyers who add different items to the cart. It is typically used with pack bundles. For instance, buy a perfume pack that contains five bottles for $60 instead of $80.

#2 Percentage-based discount

As the name suggests, a percentage-based discount offers a discount percentage to shoppers who add the bundle to the cart. Retailers can use a percentage discount for any bundle type. 

For example, get 20% off when buying three pairs of pants. This is a great way to discount your products if not all products are the same price to begin with, or if you have variants that affect the price of the product.

#3 Dollar-based discount

A dollar (or any currency) discount is an alternative to a percentage-based discount. This deal involves discounting products by a flat dollar amount (for example, $10 off or $15 off).

How to add a discount to your bundles

The best way to create Shopify bundle discounts is via a dedicated app. But not every Shopify bundle discount app supports the various bundle discount types. That’s where PickyStory comes in.

PickyStory allows you to create bundles of your existing products, as well popups, shoppable galleriesbundle builders, and many more product deals. With just a few clicks, you can create bundles and apply any of the discount types above. And the best part? You can display it on almost any page type in your store – all you have to do is drag and drop your bundles onto the relevant page.

Discounts are entirely optional – you can create e-commerce bundles and deals in PickyStory and sell them without a discount attached. However, if you do want to offer Shopify bundle discounts, it’s easy to attach a specific discount of your choice to each of your bundles, independently of each other.

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Best practices for Shopify bundle discounts

If you’re looking to offer Shopify bundle discounts to your buyers, here are some key points to keep in mind. 

#1 Don't over-discount your products

While you need to boost sales with bundle discounts, make sure you don’t over-discount your products. Doing so will reduce your profits drastically, and you won’t know how much until the deal is over. 

To prevent losing money with bundle discounts, set a suitable margin range for your products.

#2 Only bundle related products

When planning bundle discounts, analyze which products to bundle. If the products aren’t related, customers might see the discount as a ploy to rip them off, or simply ignore it. 

#3 Make sure you're not losing on shipping costs

Many studies reveal that offering free shipping can boost sales. Also, free shipping can reduce cart abandonment rates. But the risk with free shipping is the high cost of packaging and delivering the bundled products. Now, offering free shipping can hurt your brand if you don’t factor in shipping costs into your bundle prices. 

#4 Get professional help

When creating bundle deals for your customers, it’s always a good idea to get professional help. That’s why PickyStory has partnered with e-commerce agencies like Use Brandable. They are always there to help you when it comes to upselling best practices.

Shopify bundle discounts: A great way to sell more with PickyStory

Shopify bundle discounts are a fantastic way to get creative and thrill shoppers in many ways. If you can create bundle discounts that suit your customers and benefit your business, then you have a great strategy that meets sales goals while keeping your store profitable.

With PickyStory, it’s easier to sell more, even for those new to e-commerce and non-tech-savvy merchants. Make sure you spend some time planning and develop a strategy before creating a Shopify bundle discount. Creating a plan will prevent errors and loss of profit, and will also give your customers the best experience while improving your business metrics. 

If you’re looking for more Shopify tips and recommendations, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

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