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How to use a Shopify BOGO Deal to Generate More Store Revenue

Buy one get one deals, also known as a “BOGO” offer, is an extremely popular technique for discounting and selling products. PickyStory’s new BOGO feature was only recently released (trust me, it’s still warm), so we figured now was a great time to discuss all things Shopify BOGO. 

In this article, we will cover Shopify BOGO deals and how you can use them to boost your online store’s performance, thereby generating more revenue. Ultimately, you will have a winning strategy to increase profitability and improve your overall bottom line. Plus, we’ll outline how to set up a BOGO deal for your site in just a few easy clicks.

What is a Shopify BOGO deal?

A Shopify BOGO discount is a special promotion that retailers use to entice customers to purchase a product. BOGO is an acronym that stands for “Buy One, Get One.” So, BOGO discounts allow customers to purchase one product and get a second one (usually the same kind) free, or for a discount

Also, you might consider BOGO deals where customers mix and match various items. For example, you could offer a free pair of sunglasses when a customer purchases two t-shirts. Alternatively, rather than offering a free product, you could offer a discount. For example, a customer might be eligible for 50% off a second pair of jeans when they purchase a first pair. 

Other variations on Shopify BOGO discounts include “3 for 1” or “Buy 2, get 3.” You can play with the variations depending on your strategy. Please note that strategies such as a direct discount on individual items, free samples, or clearance items are different types of strategies – you will need to think about what works best for your store and customers.

Why should you consider a Shopify BOGO deal for your store?

Here are just a few examples of how a Shopify BOGO discount can help your store’s performance:

#1 To move inventory

There are times when you have too much inventory of a certain product or group of products. Sometimes, products don’t sell well for one reason or another. So, you can use a Shopify BOGO discount offer to move inventory.

Now, you might be thinking, “won’t I lose money on this deal?”

That depends on how you structure the deal. If the product’s full retail price covers the cost of the product you’re offering for free, that’s a bonus. Alternatively, you can increase the first product’s price just enough to cover the free product’s cost. 

Please note that you need to consider the second product’s cost. Otherwise, you may lose money.

#2 To move sell-by-date products

When your Shopify store sells products with an expiration date, you need to sell them before then. For instance, using a Shopify BOGO discount for food and beverage items is a great way of moving these products before their expiration date. 

Also, you may use this approach with seasonal items. While these items don’t have an expiration date, you may have many of them in stock. So, instead of waiting for next season, you can use a Shopify BOGO discount to move them. For example, you can use a 2-for-1 offer to sell raincoats during the summer.

#3 To promote items

You may want to consider a Shopify BOGO discount to promote new items in your store. This approach is useful when you have new products, or items your customers may not yet know about. This strategy works because your customers buy a familiar product and get the promotional item for free. Your customers try the free promotional item and then may choose to buy it afterward.

These strategies are great ways of using Shopify BOGO discounts to increase sales. Most importantly, you can move inventory, thereby avoiding stock to pile up. Also, using BOGO discounts is a useful tactic to introduce new items.

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

How to set up a Shopify BOGO deal with PickyStory

PickyStory’s new BOGO deal takes just a few minutes to set up. Follow these steps to start using BOGO today: 

#1 Navigate to the Shopify app store and install PickyStory

#2 Create a new bundle deal group

#3 Name the Bundle Group and click on "Add Bundle"

#4 Click on "Create Bundle" to create a new Bundle

#5 Name your Bundle and ensure the discount switch is on/green

#6 Choose discount type- ‘Buy X Get Y / BOGO’.

#7 Add the product(s) you want the customer to buy to unlock the discount.

shopify bogo

#8 Choose the discount type that you would like to apply:

Percentage-based discount: Select a percentage-based discount.

Fixed-amount discount: Choose a value that is subtracted from the product’s final price. 

Target price: This represents the final price of the ‘Get one’ product.

Min. product quantity and Max. Product quantity should be 1. 

#9 In the “Products to get” section, add the products you want the customer to get.

shopify bogo

#10 Save changes and position the widget using the drag + drop function

Which Shopify stores are the best for BOGO deals?

Merchants across just about every industry can utilize BOGO offers in some form. Let’s take a look at some BOGO examples:

#1 Food and beverage stores

Shopify stores specializing in food and beverages should use BOGO discounts whenever needed. These types of stores often have products nearing expiration. As a result, they need to move inventory quickly. In this situation, a BOGO discount can help move items before they get past their expiration date.

Also, food and beverage stores can use Shopify BOGO discounts to introduce new items. Often, brands bundle new products with existing best-sellers to entice customers to try a new one. 

#2 Beauty and cosmetics

Like food and beverage, most beauty and cosmetic products have a shelf-life. As a result, shops may need to move inventory before its sell-by date. Beyond expiration dates, beauty and cosmetics may also have slow-sellers and newcomers. Thus, it’s important to make room for new inventory as it comes into the shop. 

Using a Shopify BOGO discount can help clear the way for new items and position new brands and products. For example, a beauty brand runs a BOGO sale to introduce a new fragrance. Customers that purchase any fragrance at the regular price get a smaller sample-size unit of the new fragrance. 

#3 Fashion brands

Fashion brands can also use Shopify BOGO discounts to entice customers to purchase items. In particular, fashion brands showcase an expensive item and throw in an additional, cheaper item to sweeten the deal. 

For instance, for every pair of jeans, customers get a belt. The jeans are much more expensive than the belt. The belt only serves to entice the customer to complete the purchase.

#4 Jewelry and accessories

Jewelry and accessory brands can benefit from Shopify BOGO discounts. In particular, BOGO offers can help build customer loyalty. For instance, frequent customers get a special discount code that unlocks a BOGO offer. 

However, this discount code is not available to all customers. Only returning customers, or frequent buyers, get access to the BOGO discount offer. As you can see, Shopify BOGO discounts can do much more than merely move excess inventory or items about to expire.

Examples of great BOGO deals

When you’re looking to get started with BOGO deals, it helps to find some inspiration from other Shopify stores that have done it. So, here are five great examples you can use:

#1 Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory is a beauty and cosmetics brand specializing in skincare products. This brand combines clever advertising with great Shopify BOGO discounts. Here is a look at their main offer:

shopify bogo
Source: soapandglory.com

What we like about this BOGO deal:

This BOGO discount offers a “buy one, get the second at half price” deal. Overall, it works great because it has simple graphics and a clever catchphrase. 

Also, please note this is a best-selling item. So, the brand can get away with offering the second item at half-off instead of free. You can get away with this type of promotion when you have good-selling items. As a result, you can ensure that customers will go for this deal.

#2 Bargain Moose

Bargain Moose is a dropshipping brand focused on delivering value and good pricing. As such, Bargain Moose relies on offering good products at great discounts. This shop offers a wide range of products. Using BOGO deals can help highlight specific items the brand would like to promote. 

Here is a look at one of its best BOGO deals:

shopify bogo
Source: bargainmoose.ca

What we like about this BOGO deal:

This great BOGO deal uses a BOGO offer to do some cross-selling. In particular, customers get a free backpack with every purchase of a pair of shoes. This offer could be due to an excess of backpacks in stock. Perhaps it’s the other way around. 

The brand wants to boost shoe sales. Adding a top-selling product with a slow-selling one can help boost the slow seller. In this case, the shoes would be the slow seller. Thus, packaging a popular backpack can entice shoppers to go for the BOGO deal.

#3 EMP

EMP is a fashion brand focusing on a rock/goth segment. It offers a variety of outfits for people of all ages. Also, this brand offers branded merchandise featuring movies and bands, among other themes. Here is a look at a classic ad by this brand:

Source: emp-online.com

What we like about this BOGO deal:

This ad clearly highlights its value proposition. Customers get one free t-shirt for the purchase of two. The graphics make clear the types of products customers can get. 

Moreover, a call to action states, “only for a short time!” While the offer may be ongoing, the call to action entices shoppers to make up their minds. Other common calls to action can be “while quantities last” or “supply is limited.”

What are the advantages of creating a Shopify BOGO deal with PickyStory?

With PickyStory, you can create a BOGO deal for your Shopify store in just a few easy clicks. By following the steps outlined above, you can have your deal up and running in just a few minutes. No coding knowledge is required – you simply add the deal widget to your store by dragging and dropping it onto the desired page. 

Speaking of pages, you can position your BOGO deal anywhere you like in your store. BOGO deals can be effective on your existing product pages, on a dedicated page you create in Shopify, or pretty much anywhere else you think will work for your particular brand. 

The best part? Discounts are applied automatically at checkout, and your product inventory is synced with Shopify in real-time. 

Try PickyStory free

The BOGO bottom line

Many successful brands use a Shopify BOGO app to enhance their product sales and boost their bottom line. Best of all, creating BOGO deals doesn’t have to be overly complicated. 

With PickyStory on your side, you can leverage the power of BOGO discounts to create effective deals that will keep your customers coming back time and again. 

If you’re looking for more Shopify tips and recommendations, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

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