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PickyStory and PageFly Integration: Add Bundles and Looks as Sections to Your Shopify Store

PickyStory and PageFly: Just when you thought PickyStory couldn’t get any easier to use, we’ve found a new way to make it even simpler to add PickyStory deals to any (and every!) page in your store. We’ve partnered with PageFly, a top-rated Shopify page building app, to allow you to seamlessly drag and drop PickyStory deals onto any page, right from PageFly’s page builder. Are you excited? Good, you should be! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this game-changing PickyStory and PageFly integration.

PickyStory and PageFly: What you need to know about PickyStory

PickyStory is an upselling and cross-selling app that enables Shopify merchants to generate more revenue from every customer by adding deals throughout their store. With PickyStory, you can create mix-and-match bundles, kits with tiered pricing, shop the look galleries, bundles sold as single products, and much more.

You can display deals on product pages, on dedicated pages, in a gallery, and even as pop-ups in the cart. What’s more, all of PickyStory’s deals can be set up in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks – no code required!

What type of deals does PickyStory support?

PickyStory has incredibly versatile deal options. For example:

Use bundles to upsell with add-ons.

PickyStory’s “bundle” deals allow you to display a selection of products (either hand-picked by you or generated automatically) that are related/matching to an initial product. Display the add-ons on your product pages (or as a pop-up when the first product is added to the cart), tempt your customers with savings for bundling, and watch the extra revenue roll in. With the PickyStory and PageFly partnership, it’s now easier than ever to add bundles to your product pages.

Looking to sell packs of products with tiered pricing? Try kits.

PickyStory’s kits are perfect for merchants looking to upsell using tiered pricing. Why show your customer only one pair of socks when you could be selling a three-pack? Instead of selling a single bar of soap, why not offer a discount for buying in bulk? Kits can be displayed on product pages or anywhere else in your store using PageFly and PickyStory.

Aggregate products together to create combos.

Combo products are one of PickyStory’s most innovative, exciting features. With combo products, you can group several products into one deal, which is displayed to your customer on its own product page. Perfect for showing your customers whole outfits, matching home décor sets, or gift baskets, combo products are the ultimate upselling tool. Thanks to the PickyStory and PageFly integration, you can easily create collections of combo products that integrates with any theme and will truly wow your customers.

PickyStory and PageFly: What you need to know about PageFly

PageFly is a leading page builder app on Shopify (with thousands of positive reviews) that allows you to take advantage of more than 80 high-converting templates and simple drag-and-drop features. Use PageFly to build and customize every page of your Shopify website. With PageFly, it’s easy to create streamlined pages that show all of the elements you need, and none of the elements you don’t.

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

What is PageFly’s landing page builder?

If you haven’t had a chance to explore PageFly’s great features, now is the time to do it! Here’s what you’re currently missing out on:

Intuitive page building.

Building a page with PageFly is easier than snapping some Lego bricks together. As long as you’ve mastered clicking and dragging, you will be able to build all of your store’s pages in just a few minutes. Their easy-to-use, optimized-for-conversions templates make it even easier to create a-grade pages.

Unbeatable compatibility.

The PickyStory and PageFly partnership is just one of the compatibility benefits of PageFly. It also works with any Shopify theme and even allows you to view/edit elements in mobile mode, as well as running your page without any redundant code or unnecessary elements that would reduce your loading speed.

Seamless transition.

If you’re not already using PageFly, don’t fret! It’s easy to jump over, even if you already have an established Shopify store. PageFly has a converting page program, where they can convert pages that weren’t created with PageFly to a PageFly page. Even better, it’s free.

How are PickyStory and PageFly integrated?

PageFly and PickyStory are integrated via Shopify. The integration means that all Shopify merchants with both PickyStory and PageFly installed can reap some major benefits. PickyStory deals can be added to any page in your store using the simple drag-and-drop features of PageFly’s page builder. Whether you want to add a shop the look gallery, a collection of combo products, or bundles to your product pages, it’s faster and more convenient than ever to create high converting, aesthetically appealing deals to any page in your Shopify store.

Who needs PickyStory and PageFly integration?

For all PickyStory users, this exciting PageFly integration will streamline your ability to set up customized upselling deals in your store. Positioning widgets on product pages is a breeze with PageFly, and the seamless integration into any theme means your deals will be ready for your customers as soon as you create them.

For PageFly users who are just getting started with PickyStory, this collaboration opens some exciting new doors. Install the PickyStory app and see how easy it is to add revenue-boosting deals to every page in your store. What’s more, once you create your deals in the PickyStory app, you can add them to your store using PageFly – upselling has never been easier.

Whether your industry is fashionfurniturefood, or anything else, the PickyStory and PageFly integration can only benefit your store and your business.

How to use PickyStory with PageFly?

To use PickyStory and PageFly together, you will need to have both apps installed – visit the Shopify app store to get started.

Once you’re up and running, create your deals in PickyStory. Create bundles, combo products, bundle builderskitsshop the look deals, galleries, pop-up deals, and more. Visit the PickyStory help center to learn more about setting up your deals.

Next, head over to PageFly to set up your pages. Create product pages, your home page, collection pages, and every other page your store needs.

pickystory and pagefly

Under the drop-down menu on the right, you will find a selection of page templates to choose from.

pickystory and pagefly

Once you’ve selected a page type, begin building your page by adding elements, such as containers, headings, media (including videos or slideshows), and of course your social media channels.

Now, it’s time to add your PickyStory deals to your page. Select the “Add third party elements” option and select (or search for) PickyStory. Choose from PickyStory’s many deal options and simply drag the chosen deal type onto the area of the page where you wish to display your deal.

pickystory and pagefly

It’s that easy!

PickyStory and PageFly: The possibilities are endless

Using PageFly to build your pages and display your PickyStory deals is a real gamechanger. Not only will you save time, but your deals will also be built on highly optimized, fast-loading pages that will take your store to the next level.

Learn more on the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

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