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How One Brand Increased E-commerce Revenue and Boosted AOV by 54%

Lush Décor sells beautiful linens, bedding, and home furnishings. While also selling on other platforms like Amazon, they wished to sell D2C in order to better build a brand and connect with their customers, as well as to increase e-commerce revenue. 

When looking for tools to enable their brand to sell sets of matching products, the Lush Décor team came across PickyStory. Selling products together brought big benefits for Lush Décor. In this article, we’ll take a look at how this brand harnessed product deals to increase their AOV and overall store revenue. 

How was Lush DĂ©cor looking to increase e-commerce revenue?

Over the years, Lush Décor has been inspiring clients with innovative home decor. At first, they started selling on Amazon and other third-party retailer sites before opening their own D2C e-commerce store in 2016. While most of their sales are made on Target, Amazon, and Wayfair, they use lushdecor.com to foster brand loyalty, boost customer retention, and build their own brand.

Like many home decor stores, Lush DĂ©cor’s products naturally come in sets – pillow shams, quilts, comforters, and more. It may seem easy to sell bundled products or sets online. But it can be time-consuming and tasking without the right tools.

To circumvent the issue, Lush DĂ©cor created “bundle” products to sell their sets. However, these products were not linked to the SKUs of the individual products within them. So when a customer buys one of these products, it leads to big inventory problems.

Although Lush DĂ©cor tried to manage the inventory manually, it quickly became a full-time job, limiting Lush DĂ©cor’s set offerings and meaning that their business was missing out on valuable sales, as they were unable to offer an extensive selection of all their kits and bundles.

What benefits did Lush DĂ©cor see from PickyStory?

When Lush Décor found PickyStory, their main goal was to find a way to sell their curated bedding bundles as separate products while accurately tracking inventory for each bundle.

After using PickyStory, these were the results:

Why are Lush DĂ©cor's product deals so successful?

Lush DĂ©cor uses PickyStory to quickly build new bundles and deals, and offer customers discounts that attract repeat purchases. With PickyStory, Lush Decor can easily set up new product deals or modify existing ones in a matter of minutes, with no code required.

The Lush Décor team has been very strategic when it comes to how (and where) their product deals are displayed. Let’s take a look at what has helped made these deals so successful.

#1 Deals are displayed across the store (great tactic to increase e-commerce revenue)

Shoppers today are searching for deals and value. And one way to grab their attention and increase e-commerce revenue is by displaying deals across your store. This helps capture shoppers’ attention no matter where they look. 

The customer journey naturally means that customers will visit different pages in your store, with different intent. Adding deals to your home page, your collections, and individual product pages gives you multiple changes of attracting customers to make a larger purchase.

increase e-commerce revenue
Source: lushdecor.com

Lush DĂ©cor displays deals across their stores to attract and keep customers who have been thinking about shopping on Lush DĂ©cor but needed an incentive to do so.

Source: lushdecor.com

#2 Discounts incentivize customers and increase e-commerce revenue

When it comes to incentives, discounts work pretty well. It also adds a layer of excitement that makes customers feel valued. Lush DĂ©cor uses discounts and promotional offers to add urgency to shoppers’ buying journey. 

increase e-commerce revenue
Source: lushdecor.com

#3 Bundling matching products makes it easier for customers to find matching sets

Lush Décor bundles matching products to help shoppers find matching sets. Hence, customers get to buy more products during a single purchase, which helps boost their average order value. It’s possible that some of these customers would have purchased all of the matching products even if they weren’t offered in a product deal. 

However, this would have involved navigating between several different product pages, which increases friction and lowers conversion rates. By displaying all the products together, the customer journey is simplified and it’s much easier for buyers to make a larger purchase. 

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

Which PickyStory deals does Lush DĂ©cor use to increase e-commerce revenue?

#1 Combo products for curated bundles (best deal to increase e-commerce revenue)

PickyStory discounts allow Lush DĂ©cor to offer a curated selection of products at a discount. So regardless of their customer’s style, they’ll find the ideal bundle that fits their style.

increase e-commerce revenue
Source: lushdecor.com

Looking at the example above, Lush DĂ©cor can sell all its products individually. But they offer two of their products in one bundle at a discounted price.

One-stop shopping for curated home decor products makes it easy for shoppers to shop that designer look without overthinking their choice. The customer feels good about receiving a good value and a designer look, even if they wind up spending more.

#2 Shop the look on product pages

Most customers prefer to shop a certain look without adding each item to their cart. Sadly, most e-commerce stores will ask shoppers to visit product pages to add accessories and complementary items to their cart. PickyStory allows Lush DĂ©cor to create a lookbook-like experience for its consumers easily.

To provide more options for their customers, Lush Décor offers several separate looks on their product pages for customers to choose from. 

Source: lushdecor.com

#3 Bundle builder on product pages

As well as offering pre-defined packs of products with PickyStory’s combo products, Lush Décor also gives customers the option to “build their own bundle”. Using PickyStory’s bundle builder deal, customers can pick and choose their favorites from a selection of products. 

Source: lushdecor.com

Lush Decor uses bundle builders to show related, matching products to a customer. Displaying products that naturally go together is a great tactic if you’re wondering how to increase online sales. Also, it helps shoppers find exactly what they want – everybody wins. 

How to set up deals and increase e-commerce revenue with PickyStory

When it comes to setting up your product deals with PickyStory, the first step is to make sure you have the PickyStory app installed. Then, you can start setting up your deals in the app, and position them on each relevant page. 

To get you started, we’ve created how-to videos for each individual deal type, outlining the steps you will need to take to make your deals live. You can also visit the PickyStory support center for articles relating to each deal, as well as how to customize and analyze your deals. 

#1 How to set up combo products

#2 How to set up looks

#3 How to set up bundle builders

Increase e-commerce revenue by offering product deals across your store

Now that you’ve seen how Lush DĂ©cor uses product deals to increase revenue and AOV with PickyStory, you can also do the same for your online store.

First, let’s remember that to increase AOV, Lush DĂ©cor’s team focuses on displaying deals across the store and bundling matching products so customers can find matching sets easily. Investing in these strategies sets the stage for higher conversions and sales.

If your goal is to increase revenue, AOV, and conversions, product deals are an important tool to help you get there. Follow the steps above to start setting up your deals with PickyStory. 

If you’re looking for more e-commerce tips and recommendations, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

Generate more revenue from every store visit.

Offer irresistible deals across your buyer's journey.


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Get the Step-by-step Ultimate Guide for Bundles [2023]


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