Need a Shopify responsive theme? Here are 9 that load in record time

shopify responsive theme

Shopify responsive theme: Your shop’s storefront is the first impression your customers get from your brand. A poorly-designed e-commerce site can cause potential customers to pass on your store. Consequently, it’s vital for your shop to put its best foot forward. To achieve that, you need the right theme for […]

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What is a Shopify Plus Agency and why do you need one? [+ examples]

Shopify Plus Agency: Building an amazing online store is easy with Shopify. Shopify makes it effortless to build an engaging storefront that keeps your customers coming back.  However, things get a bit more complex when you transition from a standard Shopify plan to Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus offers your e-commerce […]

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Shopify product variants: Mistakes to avoid when organizing your product catalog

shopify product variants

Shopify product variants: Whether you’re an established merchant or just starting an online business, optimizing your visitor-to-buyer conversions can help increase your annual income. One way to do this is by prioritizing Shopify product variants for more visibility on your product page. The product page is a vital element of […]

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How to upsell on Shopify without your customers even noticing (+ examples)

how to upsell on shopify

Let’s face it, e-commerce consumers are a savvy bunch. Once upon a time, it might have been easy to pull the wool over their eyes and draw your customers towards simple and obvious upselling deals, but chances are, your customers aren’t falling into those traps anymore. So, how to upsell […]

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Shopify tiered discounts: An easy way to boost your sales on Shopify

Shopify tiered discounts: Let’s face it, life would be a whole lot easier if you could somehow make your customers empty their wallets across your Shopify store.  While there is no specific trick or tactic to guarantee this, there are certainly steps you can take to increase your average order value […]

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Wondering what to sell on Shopify? Draw inspiration from these special brands

what to sell on shopify

So, you’ve decided to get started in the world of e-commerce and you’re ready to make a name for yourself. There’s just one problem – you don’t know what to sell on Shopify. Fair enough. It’s one thing to decide to enter the e-commerce world. But it’s another to choose […]

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BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: Pros, cons, and differences [Comparison]

BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus

BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: The global e-commerce market is expanding rapidly, with several large platforms having most of the market share for hosting e-commerce sites. Two main players are BigCommerce and Shopify Plus, which contain many differences, similarities, pros, and cons.  In this article, we dive into Shopify vs BigCommerce, in […]

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