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BOGO Examples: 5 Proven Buy One Get One Deal Ideas for Your E-commerce Store

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Everyone loves great deals. E-commerce sites love to offer great deals, too. After all, good offers drive sales and boost revenue. However, not all sales and promotions are created equal. Some are more effective than others. 

Buy-one-get-one-free or BOGO deals are a highly effective way of driving sales and boosting your e-commerce site’s revenue. Nevertheless, you need to know the insider secrets to get the most out of your BOGO deals. 

In this article, we are going to discuss five proven buy-one-get-one deal ideas for your e-commerce store. In particular, we’ll be looking at five specific BOGO examples you can use to make the most out of your BOGO offers.

What are BOGO Deals?

As the name suggests, buy-one-get-one deals typically offer consumers a free product with the purchase of another. This sales tactic is tried and true. Businesses around the world use BOGO deals to drive their sales and boost revenue.

Specifically, businesses use BOGO deals to clear out unsold, outdated, or unpopular merchandise. While BOGO is an effective sales strategy, there is much more to BOGO examples than just a free product with a purchase.

You see, offering free products may negatively impact your bottom line in the long run. As a result, offering free products isn’t always the best idea.

So, what other twists can you put on BOGO offers?

Let’s take a look at some variations of the classic BOGO example:

Percentage off. Customers purchase a product and get a percentage off the second item in this variation. For instance, customers get 50% off the second item when purchasing the first one at full price. 

Value discount. For example, customers get $5 off the second product when purchasing the first one at the regular price. Clothing, beauty, and hardware are common products that use this approach.

Buy X get Y. For this variation, customers get a free product with the purchase of X number of items. For example, this strategy is common as “buy 2 get 1 free.” 

Free samples. Some brands throw in free samples with the purchase of any product. This tactic is highly effective when brands want to introduce a new product line. 

Free gifts. So-called “free gifts” entice customers to purchase. For example, cosmetic lines generally offer a free gift when customers purchase a set of items. 

BOGO offers can help you boost your e-commerce site’s performance. A study published in the Economist suggests that sales can jump up to 73% when using special offers and deals. So, don’t underestimate the power that BOGO offers when done right.

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

What are the Advantages of BOGO deals?

The biggest advantage of BOGO deals is boosting profitability and driving sales. Nevertheless, there are three key advantages we cannot overlook.

Let’s discuss them in greater detail:

#1: Clearing out inventory

According to research, customers often associate discounts and promotions with poor performance. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to put a positive spin on your promotions whenever possible. 

Use BOGO deals to clear out inventory while avoiding losses and negative press. You can use BOGO deals to make money on the first item and break even, or perhaps make a small profit on the second item. 

#2: Brand positioning

Brand positioning occurs when your customers prefer your brand over others. However, slow-selling products at heavily discounted rates don’t communicate their message to customers. Using BOGO deals allows your customers to see that your brand is focused on providing value instead of clearing out merchandise. 

Please remember that customers love getting something extra from their favorite brands. Extras make customers feel valued and appreciated. Also, according to a Psychology Today article, customers prefer getting money off rather than “saving money.”

#3: Splitting the difference

If you have a product with a 50% profit margin, discounting it by 50% means you break even. At the same time, your customers also break even because they only pay the product’s cost. You don’t lose money, and your customers don’t pay extra. It’s a win-win!

If you think in terms of win-win outcomes, you’ll see that BOGO examples always work out much better than other types of sales promotions. For instance, data reveals that a 50% increase in quantity equates to a 33% discount. Thus, offering more of an item can be more impactful than merely slashing prices.

How do you Use BOGO for E-commerce?

The million-dollar question, “How do you use BOGO for your e-commerce site?”

Here is a killer five-step strategy you can use to put your BOGO examples into action.

#1: Find the right time

There is no “perfect” time, such as a month of the year or day of the week. Instead, the right time for BOGO offers pertains to your individual products’ characteristics.

For instance:

#2: Find the right deals for your customers

While practically all customers are receptive to BOG deals, you shouldn’t expect to create blanket BOGO deals. Often, some BOGO deals work better with some customers than others. In particular, your BOGO deals depend on the products you discount. 

Please remember that you should never include your best-sellers in BOGO deals. Leave those alone. Instead, focus on products you think your customers enjoy but haven’t been selling well. For example, a popular brand line may have one or two slow-sellers. So, bundling those items as part of a BOGO promotion can help clear out inventory.

#3: Create a sense of urgency

Giving your customers a deadline plays on the fear of missing out (FOMO). FOMO can become a powerfully compelling reason to follow through on a purchase.

So, what can you do?

Add countdown timers, banners, and reminders to prompt your customers to purchase sooner rather than later. If they are keen to purchase, they’ll follow through.

#4: Use multi-channel advertising

The most effective brands use multi-channel advertising. Nowadays, this approach includes using social media, email marketing, word of mouth, and even print advertising to get the word out. In particular, email marketing is highly effective. According to some estimates, 49% of consumers like getting promotional emails from their favorite brands.

What does that mean?

Communicating with your customers regularly can go a long way toward building positive rapport between brands and consumers. Therefore, you should not overlook what email marketing can do for your brand.

#5: Use BOGO deals sparingly

While BOGO deals are a go-to promotional offer, too many BOGO deals may become counterproductive.

Let’s put it this way: Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Everyone looks forward to celebrating Christmas. Christmas is so special because it only comes around once a year.

Do you think Christmas would be special if it came around every month?

Use BOGO deals to treat your customers. There’s nothing better than getting a pleasant surprise in your inbox!

5 Proven BOGO Examples for Your E-commerce Store

The time has come to look at five killer BOGO examples for your e-commerce store. So, let’s jump right in!

#1: Supplement Xpress

Supplement Xpress offers the best in nutritional supplements. Its marketing approach focuses on using BOGO offers to entice customers to shop more to save more.

How do they do it?

They use effective BOGO strategies to give customers a great deal.

Let’s take a look at this great BOGO example:

how does bogo work
Source: supplementxpress.com

In this BOGO example, we can see a classic buy-one-get-one-free. Customers can buy any supplement a full price to get a second one free. The product page displays the free product’s retail price ($34.99). 

Remember we mentioned that customers like to see how much they’ve saved? This BOGO example is a prime one. Customers can see how much they can save in this deal – it’s a wonderfully effective psychological strategy.

#2: Mia Tui

Mia Tui specializes in functional and stylish handbags and purses. Their products are popular worldwide for their quality and their deals. This brand uses BOGO deals to entice customers to purchase. Their BOGO strategy is essentially a free gift with purchase.

Let’s take a look at this great BOGO example:

bogo examples for ecommerce
Source: miatui.com

This BOGO example showcases how you can entice customers with a free gift. This approach works very well because customers love to feel like they’ve earned something with their purchase. Plus, the free strap allows folks to customize bags to their liking.

But here’s the best part of this BOGO offer: customers get to choose which color strap they want. Allowing customers to choose makes this deal even better. This strategy is an excellent way of compelling customers to purchase.

#3: WNDR Alpine

WNDR Alpine is a leading brand in all things outdoors. Outdoor enthusiasts can find the best gear for expeditions, adventures, and journeys. They can also find great deals. This brand uses BOGO deals to entice customers to purchase more. In particular, WNDR uses bundles to pique customers’ interests. Bundles can be very effective strategies, especially with products that complement one another.

Let’s take a look at this great BOGO example:

how do you use bogo
Source: wndr-alpine.com

This amazing BOGO example highlights how bundling is a type of Buy X to get Y. Customers pay for their board binding to receive a 10% discount on a snowboard. Again, customers see how much money they stand to save, in actual dollars and cents instead of percentages. 

#4: Vocation Brewery

Vocation Brewery serves the best in drinks. Customers who enjoy a good drink have come to rely on Vocation Brewery for quality products. Customers have also come to rely on Vocation Brewery for their deals. Vocation use BOGO deals to get customers to purchase more to save more. In this BOGO example, we see how Vocation uses recommended products to plant a seed in customers’ minds.

Let’s take a look at this great BOGO example:

bogo deal examples and ideas
Source: vocationbrewery.com

In this BOGO example, we can see how purchasing two packages gets you a free glass. While the glass is a gift, it acts as a reward for scoring a great deal. Customers love scoring rewards for their purchases. Plus, getting a branded glass helps position Vocation’s brand.

It’s a win-win!

#5: A Few Wood Men

A Few Wood Men is a designer brand that features wooden products. Their stylish designs put an original spin on traditional accessories. This brand also uses the power of BOGO deals to entice customers to purchase their curated packages.

Let’s take a look at this great BOGO example:

what are bogo products
Source: afewwoodmen.com

Here’s the best part of this BOGO example: making things easy for your customers is always a good idea. Offering curated packages take the guesswork out of building cool bundles. 

This approach is especially effective during the holiday shopping season when folks want to find thoughtful gifts but don’t have too much time to search for the right combinations. So, please remember always to make it easy for your customers.

Set up BOGO Deals with PickyStory in Just a Few Minutes

With PickyStory, you can easily add BOGO deals to your product pages, home page, dedicated promotion pages, your cart, or just about anywhere else in your store. PickyStory’s flexible BOGO offers allow you to give away free or discounted products, just as in the BOGO examples above. 

bogo examples

No code is required when using PickyStory, your deals can be set up with a few clicks, and simply dragged and dropped onto your pages. Plus, you have the option of displaying your offers on the page itself, or as a popup that appears on the product page or the cart. 

Install PickyStory and see how easy it is to set up BOGO deals that your customers will love. 

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