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Up Your Game – Black Friday & Cyber Monday Trends 2023

Which is the time of the year when everything you desire is on sale? Perhaps, Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Each year, these two days come with exciting offers along with new buying trends kicking off the official holiday season. Indeed, they are planned for months ahead, which is why the results of every year’s growth are burgeoning.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday was the most successful in history for e-commerce brands, despite consumers facing economic pressures and widespread inflation. A whopping $6.2 billion were spent on Black Friday while Cyber Monday smashed the records $7.9 billion in sales. Precisely talking about the fashion brands, Amazon claims that people went gaga-over the sale and spent $13 million on fashion items during these two days.

Successful Fashion Brands Trends in 2023

Last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday were efficacious. According to BigCommerce, the fashion and jewelry brands enjoyed the biggest revenue raise through social media platforms. Approx. 70% of the total Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) for fashion brands came from Facebook. The fashion brands experienced higher GMV than the last year.


The report suggested that selling clothes, jewelry, and accessories from Facebook and Instagram was a more effective tactic in 2022. That said, email marketing, selling on platforms like Amazon, and site UX and checkout optimization require special mention here too. According to Amazon, fashion and jewelry accessories had the highest sales vertical leading by 32% which is significantly more Average Order Value than other categories. Also, on eBay fashion and jewelry succeeded by 14%.


One of the leading brands, Olive Clothing’s founder Rohan Moore unveiled about his successful tactics. He said that they believe in covering limited channels to reach their vibrant audience. For them, the successful trends were on Facebook and Instagram giving them a fantastic offer to communicate and also email marketing. The trend of sponsoring ads and coming with unique discount tactics are now giving a competitive edge to all sellers.

Predictions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023

Almost after a month, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will begin. The vibes are already there and many sellers have already geared up for it. The date for Black Friday is 24th November and 27th November for Cyber Monday. While we were researching for deals, our list started to coalesce already and BlackFriday.com has predicted that the 2023 holiday season’s online spending will be more $12 billion this year.


The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are going to be on gadgets, clothing, home,

toys, travel, and technology. We also expect that the sales would begin way earlier as most of

the retailers cannot wait to debut their deals. Amazon and Best Buy will come up with bigger discounts.

Prepare Better Than Last Year

If you are also a seller, we can help you prepare better for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023. Following the tips below will make your brand stand out.

45% of the buyers begin shopping before Black Friday, so make sure that you plan and start selling ahead.

– Retarget with the right strategies so you can also turn those potential visitors into active visitors.

94% of the buyers try to look for the cheapest product online and buy it, try to gain benefit from the limited-time windows creating daily deals.

– You can offer product bundles.

– Ensure to gamify your offers such as spin-to-win discounts.

– Come up with shareable discount links when you are ready to implement your sales.

– Create buzz for outsized success of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

Promote Looks and Create Smart Discounts

With multiple widgets to display looks, buy the look sections, shoppable galleries, and shop the look buttons, now you can uplift your site’s look. In addition to redefining your web theme, you can also offer your shoppers multiple discounts to promote specific collections. With the smart discounts and attractive site looks, you can now up your Black Friday and Cyber Monday game with PickyStory.


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