Best Shopify Stores for Beauty: 9 Inspiring Beauty and Cosmetics Stores (+ Examples)

Best Shopify stores for beauty: With several beauty giants like Sephora making the jump to e-commerce in recent years, more and more beauty merchants are following suit. Even if your beauty store is small, you can still greatly boost your revenue by starting an e-commerce store. Plus, creating an e-commerce store with Shopify is a really simple process – you don’t need to be a coding ninja or have a web development degree to make it successful. If you need some inspiration, let’s take a look at some of the best Shopify stores for beauty.

What are the best Shopify stores for beauty?

Whether your existing Shopify beauty store needs a makeover, or you haven’t yet made the jump to e-commerce, there’s a lot you can learn from the best beauty Shopify stores. With more and more beauty merchants making the jump to Shopify, it can be challenging to make your store stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a look at some of the best Shopify beauty stores, what they’re doing right, and how you can make your own store a huge success.

How to become one of the best Shopify stores for beauty?

Before we dive into examples of the best Shopify stores for cosmetics, let’s discuss some of the factors that can really help you to create one of the best Shopify stores for cosmetics. Here are some features of your store to consider when you’re in the design phase:

#1 Organize your products

The typical beauty or cosmetics store has a huge selection of products, so it’s really important that you can organize these into collections and product groupings so that your store is still easy to navigate. Your customers will thank you for making it easy for them to find exactly what they’re looking for!

#2 Keep upselling in mind

Don’t miss out on opportunities to offer your customers extra products! Upselling is just as important to your success in e-commerce as it is in the real world. Apps like PickyStory can help you increase your revenue from every store visit by adding product bundles, product kits, and shoppable looks to your store, all in a few easy clicks!

#3 You’re selling beauty. Start with your store

Captivate your customers from the second they hit your homepage. Use quality, high-resolution images, make sure your colors pop where they need to, and take the time to critique every page on your store until it’s perfect. You’ll thank yourself later. With those features in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best Shopify home decor stores.

Keep those features in mind and look for examples as we explore some of the best Shopify beauty stores.

9 Best Shopify Stores For Beauty

#1 LulaFox

LulaFox does a great job of making an extensive product catalog look neat and easy to navigate. Their minimal use of color really makes it shine where it needs to, and the zoom feature on their product pages makes it easy to take a closer look at the goods.

best shopify stores for beauty

What’s more, they have created shoppable looks thanks to PickyStory. Customers can browse looks they’re interested in, click on their favorite look, and add each of the individual items to their cart at once.

#2 Earth’s Nectar

Earth’s Nectar specializes in top-quality, vegan-friendly hair and beauty products. Their store is one of the best Shopify beauty stores thanks to beautiful product images and down-to-earth vibes. Their Instagram feed features on their home page, ensuring customers see plenty of real-world product content.

best shopify stores for beauty

One of the top features of Earth’s Nectar is their clever use of PickyStory’s shop the look feature. They make it easy for customers to shop products by their hair type by displaying shoppable images. When a customer selects their hair type, each of the products used to create that look is displayed and can be added to their cart in a few easy clicks.

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#3 Loxx Essentials (Best Shopify Stores For Beauty)

As soon as you visit Loxx Essentials’ Shopify store, you know exactly what they’re all about. They’ve done a great job of creating a fun, youthful store that promotes organic, customizable hair care that focuses on natural ingredients. They use bright colors and simple diagrams to explain their subscription process that make you want to sign up right away.

best shopify stores for beauty

Loxx also uses PickyStory to create product bundles of related items. On this page, customers can view groups of complementary products that are frequently purchased together and add all items to their cart without visiting separate product pages. This is a great way to encourage your customers to purchase additional items and increase your revenue from each store visit.

#4 Credo Beauty

Credo Beauty is another cosmetic merchant with an emphasis on clean beauty. Their enormous product can be navigated by product type (such as skincare, hair products, etc.) or through categories like bestsellers or new products. There’s also a search feature that’s a great addition when you have so many different products, and they have lots of extra pages for customers to explore including a blog, company information, and details on the benefits of clean beauty. 

#5 Pat McGrath Labs

The Shopify store of Pat McGrath Labs is almost a sensory overload. Captivating homepage videos that you can’t turn away from, disco vibes, and constant movement draw customers in from their first click. Their fonts and images are as bold as their products, and their high-res color swatches are exactly what every beauty store needs. Not to mention all their detailed product info for those of us who love to read the fine print.

#6 Sephora (Best Shopify Stores For Beauty)

best shopify stores for beauty

Perhaps one of Shopify’s best-known brands, Sephora has been a beauty giant for years and clearly used their industry know-how to create one of the best cosmetics Shopify stores. Their homepage features lots of product collections to browse (new arrivals, fast sellers, etc.), and the drop-down menu helps with anything else you might be looking for. High-quality images on their product pages and a zoom feature that’s to die for helps cement Sephora’s place among the best Shopify cosmetics stores.

#7 NCLA Beauty

The colors, oh the colors! NCLA Beauty features a bright homepage you can’t help but take your time scrolling through. Their product images display not just their products, but also the fruits and flowers used to create them, just in case anyone needs convincing how natural their products are. Obviously, customers shopping online can’t open a product for a “sniff test,” but having raw ingredients pictured beside products is a clever way to provide a sensory experience through a screen.

#8 Regal Gentleman

best shopify stores for beauty

Regal Gentleman was started by two friends who felt they needed to fill a hole in the men’s grooming industry. Their Shopify store instantly feels different from those aimed at female customers and has a refreshing simplicity. Their story features throughout – it’s easy to feel closely connected with this brand as soon as you visit their store, thanks to their “About Us” page and clever branding throughout.

#9 Cake Beauty

best shopify stores for beauty

Last but certainly not least on the list of best beauty Shopify stores is Cake Beauty. Cake sells luxurious, decadent, girly skincare and beauty products, and their Shopify store is appropriately pink to reflect this. Their homepage is all about promoting their products, with videos and bold product images. Their additional pages feature lots of company information and help customers feel like they’re part of the Cake family.

Create one of the best Shopify stores for beauty thanks to PickyStory

The Shopify theme store has a massive selection of themes to choose from (some are even free!) that will have your store looking ultra-professional with minimal effort. However, having a stunning beauty store sadly isn’t enough to guarantee revenue. Adding apps like PickyStory to your store can help you to generate more revenue from every store visit – and it’s so easy! PickyStory is an upselling and cross-selling app that allows you to add product bundlesproduct kits, and shoppable looks to your store to encourage your customers to add extra items to their cart before they check out. Add PickyStory to your store today to make sure you have one of the best Shopify stores for cosmetics and beauty – it really works!

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