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Amazing Shopify Plus Stores to Inspire Your E-commerce Efforts

Building a successful Shopify Plus store requires creativity and know-how. After all, great Shopify Plus stores deliver what customers want while anticipating future wants and needs. 

There are times, though, when coming up with fresh and innovative ideas can be tough. You might be trying your best to think of something appealing but may have trouble figuring it out. 

No worries, it happens to the best of us!

In this article, we will look at amazing Shopify Plus stores to inspire you. We will talk about what they do and how they do it. Most importantly, you’ll walk away with great ideas to boost your e-commerce efforts.

Why do large brands choose Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s premium platform. Its design helps large-scale companies and brands deliver the shopping experience customer expect from the world’s most renowned brands. This experience centers on easy-to-use sites, fast loading times, and smooth transactions.

Please note that Shopify Plus delivers more than just a great shopping experience. Shopify Plus is all about providing large brands with the capabilities to become truly successful. Specifically, Shopify Plus offers robust capabilities to handle substantial traffic volume, sales transactions, and customer communication.

Shopify Plus provides customization options that other Shopify plans don’t allow. For instance, Shopify Plus stores can modify code to incorporate tailor-made features such as custom checkouts, branding options, and third-party platform integration.

Large brands also choose Shopify Plus due to its cost-effective pricing. Shopify Plus starts at $2,000 a month. Additional features and capabilities may cost extra. Nevertheless, this pricing scheme is much better compared to other e-commerce platforms. These platforms may cost thousands, or tens of thousands, to build a functional e-commerce site.

Lastly, Shopify Plus facilitates creating a website, thereby reducing the time needed to go live. On average, traditional e-commerce platforms may take weeks or even months to launch an e-commerce store. Shopify Plus drastically reduces this time to a few weeks, or in some instances, days to launch a brand-new online store.

Indeed, Shopify Plus provides large brands with a highly useful alternative to other big players on the market. It’s no wonder why brands choose Shopify Plus. They can save time and money to build a fully functional site meant to handle large-scale customer traffic.

Which top Shopify Plus stores got it right?

Some brands are already making the most of the features Shopify Plus offers. These Shopify Plus stores have catapulted their brands to another level. So, let’s take a look at a list of Shopify Plus stores that are making the most of access to Shopify’s premium platform. 

#1 TB12

TB12 is a health, wellness, and fitness product line co-founded by legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady. This line of products focuses on a myriad of products, including apparel, equipment, supplements, and other sports-related merchandise. 

Given TB12’s potential market penetration, this brand required robust capabilities that would enable them to ship around the country easily. 

Source: tb12sports.com

What's to like about this top Shopify Plus store?

TB12’s massive market reach integrates various third-party platforms, including a CRM and 3PL logistics system. In essence, TB12 boasts Amazon-like capabilities to deliver the best possible customer experience. 

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#2 Touchland

Touchland is a cosmetics brand that focuses specifically on portable hand sanitizers. This brand had already established itself as a leader in its product category. Then, its sales exploded following the onset of the COVID19 pandemic. 

Touchland’s sales swelled by roughly 1,200% in a few weeks. This sudden surge in sales didn’t affect Touchland’s ability to fulfill orders. Thanks to its Shopify Plus platform, Touchland met its increasing demand without a hitch.

Source: touchland.com

What's to like about this top Shopify Plus store?

Touchland’s use of the Shopify Plus platform enabled it to handle substantial traffic and sales volume easily. Particularly, the massive increase in volume happened seemingly overnight. Consequently, this Shopify Plus store can adapt to changing circumstances quickly. 

Their Shopify Plus store did not crash, nor did it have any issues fulfilling an increased number of orders. It proved that Shopify Plus is ready to handle practically anything that comes its way.

#3 Synchro

Synchro is a health and nutrition brand aimed at the wellness segment. Its product line offers a series of food items and supplements that nourish the body and taste great. 

Overall, this Shopify Plus store aims to make a healthy lifestyle enjoyable. In particular, Synchro offers great fulfillment capabilities. It offers two-day ground shipping thanks to its systems integration with Shopify Plus.

top shopify stores
Source: besynchro.com

What's to like about this top Shopify Plus store?

Synchro gets it right because it links its complex fulfillment and logistics systems with Shopify Plus. This top Shopify store can connect multiple warehouse locations throughout the country to offer its two-day shipping policy. 

As such, the Shopify Plus platform can easily merge with Synchro’s own systems to create a seamless customer fulfillment experience.

How can PickyStory help your store become a top Shopify Plus store?

PickyStory helps your store generate more revenue from every customer. By displaying product deals throughout your store, you tempt shoppers to add extra products to their cart prior to checking out, thus boosting your average order value (AOV). 

With PickyStory, you can add deals to your product pages, collections, dedicated pages, as popups, or even display in the cart. Deals can be fully customized through the app to suit your brand’s stylings, or Shopify Plus stores can take things one step further with the Premium plan, which gives full API access. This allows you to create a unique front-end experience that’s completely on-brand. 

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Here are some brands that have used PickyStory to display deals throughout their store, thus increasing AOV and revenue. 

#1 PRx Performance

PRx Performance is a brand of gym equipment. This Shopify store offers customers everything they need to set up their own home gym. With this brand, customers can easily get everything they need to build their home gym quickly and easily. 

Most importantly, this brand delivers just about anything exercise aficionados could need regardless of the specific type of workouts they do.

top shopify stores
Source: https://prxperformance.com

How does PickyStory boost this top Shopify Plus store?

PickyStory boosts PRx Performance’s product offering by creating highly cost-effective product bundles. This strategy works extremely well with newcomers to the fitness world. 

Instead of searching for individual pieces, this great product bundle allows shoppers to get everything they need in a single package. 

#2 Shefit

Shefit is a sports apparel brand focused on delivering comfortable, high-performance women’s activewear. This Shopify Plus store serves various customer demographics while offering a wide range of products in its catalog. 

top shopify stores
Source: https://shefit.com

How does PickyStory boost this top Shopify Plus store?

PickyStory has helped Shefit become a top Shopify Plus store by leveraging its “shop the look” feature. This feature allows customers to see what multiple products would look like when purchased together. Thus, the shop-the-look feature helps upsell customers by enabling them to see how several products work together. 

Instead of customers purchasing a single item, the shop-the-look feature entices customers to buy a product combo. Ultimately, Shefit gives its customers a wide array of options to choose from, helping them take control of their purchase decisions.

#3 Pair of Thieves

Pair of Thieves is a men’s fashion brand aimed at a youthful demographic. This brand aims to offer comfortable clothing options to men of all shapes and sizes. With its large product catalog, there are plenty of options for shoppers to consider. 

This Shopify Plus store gives customers great deals and a no-hassle return policy. Overall, Pair of Thieves’ value proposition centers on delivering stylish clothes that fit comfortably in just about any type of situation.

top shopify stores
Source: https://pairofthieves.com

How does PickyStory boost this top Shopify Plus store?

Pair of Thieves offers great combo packs. For example, the combo known as the “Toasty Torso Bear Pack” offers several separate items bundled into a single package. Also, customers can mix and match colors and sizes. 

This feature allows shoppers to purchase a combo as a gift for several guys or have various sizes to choose from, depending on the situation. Plus, the pack offers a bundle discount compared to purchasing each item separately. Ultimately, Pair of Thieves gives customers a great deal of flexibility while saving some money.

#4 The Brow Trio

The Brow Trio is a cosmetics brand aimed at delivering value and functionality. This brand’s main value proposition centers on beauty products for women’s eyebrows. 

The Brow Trio has a smaller catalog compared to other top Shopify stores. Nevertheless, this product offering gives shoppers plenty of alternatives when it comes to finding the right look for their eyebrows.

Source: https://www.thebrowtrio.com

How does PickyStory boost this top Shopify Plus store?

The Brow Trio offers specialized products that meet specific needs. However, they offer the best value in their segment when put together. So, shoppers can purchase individual products or the bundle pack. 

The bundle delivers the full eyebrow kit and delivers the products at a lower price. This tactic facilitates upselling while giving customers the best value for their money.

Becoming a top Shopify Plus store

Building a top Shopify store takes hard work and the right know-how. Luckily, Shopify Plus makes creating a great Shopify store easy and cost-effective. 

There is no need to make a substantial upfront investment to build a great e-commerce site with Shopify Plus. Plus, adding PickyStory to the mix helps you generate more sales and revenue through upselling with combos and product bundles. You can also use packages to give your customers a great deal on your shop’s products. 

With Shopify Plus and PickyStory, your e-commerce site has the winning combination it needs to become a top Shopify store!

If you’re looking for more Shopify tips and recommendations, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good luck!

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