Month: September 2019


Should You Automate Shop the Look in Your Shopify Store?

Online shopping is transforming – perhaps quicker than at any time before, the world has witnessed. The way social shoppers today, view and choose the products have completely changed as they search for a combination of several items instead of a single product to sport a unique look. This trend

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Shop Instagram in Your Shopify Store?

As Instagram is taking the world by storm, the number of active users surpassing monthly are 1 billion worldwide. Over 400 million people post Instagram Stories daily and this makes the case for retail shops, ecommerce brands, and various small businesses to reach their customers by marketing plentiful products and

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5 Shop the Look Trends in 2019

As the New Year rang in, it brought with itself the promises of a new sunset, new beginnings, maybe endings too, thousands of new opportunities up for grabs, and not to forget – our favorite – new fashions trends. Scroll down your social media accounts and you will find hundreds

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